Wishing I was sitting at the Harbor with a good book, my ipod set on my Heart playlist and a big glass of OJ watching the dragon boats. 

Peace and Love,



Sweets In The Sun...

My first official blog! Yay!! This week has been a whole lot of busy but I still had time to fit in some fun. Thursday we cruised into downtown Annapolis and discovered some cute little hideaways. Not to mention several places that could satisfy my sweet-tooth!!

It was the hottest day of the summer and so to cool down we stopped at the Yofiore Yogurt Shop which was so refreshing (whatever you get there put raspberries on top. They were delicious!)

After wandering into several little shops we found something that made my day! It was the cutest little cupcake shop called Nostalgia Cupcakes. With so many amazing flavers such as Coconut, Key Lime, and Southern Red Velvet you couldn't go wrong :) 

Finished up my weekend with a stop at The Book Thing in Baltimore. Basically a free-for-all where you go in and take as many used books as you can possibly carry for free! It was fantastice. I pick up some beautiful finds!

Hope Monday Morning treats everyone nicely!

Peace and Love,