Wednesday Night Doughnuts...

Kristen and Bryce came over tonight to hang out and have dinner. It was such much fun! We had pizza from Italian market and then we played wii. We sweated it up with Just Dance and then played hard with Rock band. Kristen and Bryce brought over their doughnut machine so after we were all gamed out we got to fryin. The doughnuts were DELICIOUS! I covered mine with chocolate icing and sprinkled cinnamon and suga on it. So good! It was such a fun night. Can't wait to make doughnuts again sometime!

Peace and Love,


Christmas In Connecticut...

One of my favorite Christmas movies as of this year is Christmas In Connecticut. I love the big vintage Christmas tree, the farmhouse, and of course all of Barbara Stanwyck's clothes. Here are some pictures of my favorite moments, outfits, and settings, that make me miss Christmas all the more.

Peace and Love,


What We Did On Christmas Eve...

This Christmas Eve we traveled to my grandparents house in Virginia. Christmas tunes blasting on the radio all the way there, a stop at our favorite country pie store, and gazing out the windows at all the farmhouses decorated for Christmas made for a lovely drive there.

We spent the day talking, eating, opening gifts, eating, playing games, oh and eating. It was a fun time. I was lucky enough to score a gps and some super cute plum gloves. It was good to spend time and talk with my grandparents. I adore their vintage Christmas tree!
Peace and Love,


The Day After Christmas...

I am so sad that it's all over. No more Christmas music on the radio. No more of my favorite old school Christmas movies. No more anticipation of the look on peoples faces when they open their gifts. So now we jsut have what, 364 days until Christmas 2011? Well let the countdown begin.

I hope everyone had a very joyful Christmas with their family and friends and that everyone remembers the true reason for the season.

Peace and Love,


Christmas Eve Eve...

One piece of advice: don't go to the grocery store the day before Christmas Eve. You will regret it. Today started off with muffins and coffee while we watched our uncle's Christmas program. Then I went to the office to hang out with my mom and Kristen and we laughed until we cried.
It was a great day filled with:

Red nails:

Falling in LOVE with glitter wrapping paper:

Santa Tags:
Suprise packages from my awesome hippie cousin:

A night of making cookies, lots and lots of cookies:

And trying a new part in my hair:

I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow!
Peace and Love until then,

Late Night Hot Chocolate Party...

Last night I cuddled up in my warmest sweater and comfy pj pants and made some hot chocolate while I watched Conan. I wanted to make the most of my last few nights before Christmas and the last few chances to have a cup of Christmas cocoa.

Add a little extra chocolate and a candy cane for some extra Christmas cheer!
Peace and Love,

All Apologies...

I have been a bad blogger the past couple of days. Believe me, I know. Our Internet hasn't been working and it wasn't until today that we figured out how I could connect. My connection to the web dangles on a string but I would rather it be dangling than nothing at all. Needless to say I am sorry. I hated the fact that I couldn't post what I had been doing the past couple of days. So tonight I am going to make up for it. You are not getting one, not two, but THREE blog posts in one night.
I'll start off with what happened on Tuesday...

Tuesday was...

Sipping on Gingerbread Lattes from Starbucks:

Taking a field trip to target to get more red wrapping paper:

Using that wrapping paper:

And doing a whole lot of decorating:

Pretty productive Tuesday before Christmas if I do say so myself!

Peace and Love,