I Can Barely Contain Myself...

I am so excited for this album. I just watched the show where they premiered the album and it is AMAZING!!! I will be in Europe when it comes out but I am pre-ordering it so that it will be here waiting for me when I get back. I cannot wait until I can hold this cd in my hands and play it over and over again. It's SO good!

Oh, and in case you haven't heard, my computer crashed yesterday which has left me in a state of stress. My final thesis was due today and it shut down when I was finishing it so I still have that burden to bear for a while. Also, I am taking my second SAT tomorrow. Pray that it goes well. I am super nervous for some reason and spending 4-5 hours in a room taking a test is no way to spend your Saturday morning.

Hope everyone else enjoys sleeping in and sipping their coffee to their heart's content tomorrow.



A Glimpse Inside My Closet....

So seeing as I only have 32 days until Greece and Italy I figured I might as well make sure I have enough outfits for the trip. Turns out I have 26 outfits for 17 days. Looks like I will be more than ok. Anyway, just so you know what I have been spending all of my money on for a about a year, here are all 26 looks.

This one is probably my favorite top :)
Now I have to hang all of these up before I can crawl into bed.

In Hanson news, they are performing their first 5 studio albums in shows in NYC this week. The one I wanted to go to was for the Underneath album which is what they did tonight.
Fortunately they are live streaming all five shows on their website.
Unfortunately I got distracted with work and forgot to log on at 8.
Fortunately I remembered right at night 9:30 right when Zac sang Lullabelle.
That is my favorite song. It was a secret track on the cd and one that they never perform. I was so excited to hear it and see Zac play it. So even though I couldn't be at the show tonight at least I got to feel like I was.
Oh and the best thing is to see this:

They all hold hands and bow. Just those three Hanson brothers. It makes me very happy. And for some reason I get really emotional when I see it. I think it reminds me of the first time I saw them. Oh what a magical night it was for me :) Their music really has changed my life. I will be a Fanson always and forever.
Goodnight world.



Reel Me In...

If you haven't heard Aqualung's new song Reel Me In then shame on you. Go listen now! Buy. It. You won't regret it. It's the BEST!


Oh, Tuesday...

Finally catching up on some reading for the Jane Austen book club. We are reading Pride and Prejudice. It makes me sad that people don't write books like that anymore. It also makes me sad that there are very few Mr. Darcy's out there.



When I Was Younger....

So guess what?! The new printer has a scanner which means that all weekend I was going scanner crazy!!! Here are some of my favorite pictures of me as little baby Emma :)



Some random pics from this past week: