I have come to love Tuesdays. Tuesdays are the days that Tara and I get to hang out. I met Tara last semester at college and we just hit it off. It just so happens that we both have a long break after our first class on Tuesdays so we spend our free time at the mall or out to eat! We've been having so much fun these past few weeks and yesterday we had the most yummy lunch as you can see above!

Peace and Love,



Let me just say that for a girl who loves clothes, I HATE trying them on. It's always been a hard thing for me but it's the worst when I have to try on pants. But... I was able to walk out of Old Navy today with a pair of jeans that feel like heaven even if I'm not in love with how they look. Oooo and I also grabbed this chevron makeup bag for my travels this summer! It was only $5!!

Peace and Love,


10 Things I LOVE...

1. This beautiful feather painting from Riverluna.
2. Cute glitter star earrings from Giant Dwarf.
3. I think that this starlette crown from Giant Dwarf would be beautiful for a bride.
4. Dyin' over this throw from Modcloth.
5. Such a cute pink metallic card holder from Freshly Picked.
6. Wishing I had this duffle for my summer road trips.
7. This wedding picture is just absolutely gorgeous.
8. Would love to have a bright pink typewriter in my room.
9. This painting makes me so happy. It's my current wallpaper.
10. San Francisco Girl By Bay's kitchen is just a dream!
Peace and Love,



Peace and Love,


Watercolor Hearts...

After searching around for a little craft to do Meg finally gave me some inspiration. I used this picture as a reference and simply copied what it looked like:
I love all the bright colors! It was so simple to do but it's such a happy looking piece of art. Perfect for if you are looking for a little pop of color!
Peace and Love,


Happy Mail...

Happy late Valentine's to me, my new TOMS came in the mail today!! The are so perfect and comfy. Can't wait to rock them!

Peace and Love,


Safe and Sound...

I don't have too much to share today but I wanted to post something. Everyone needs to watch the music video for "Safe and Sound" with Taylor Swift and my favorite, the Civil Wars. So put it on fullscreen and get ready to be blown away. The song and the video give me chills (in a good way.)

Peace and Love,


10 Things I LOVE...

1. Love all of the diverse styles in this picture.
2. The color combination of this afghan has me jealous of it's owner.
3. Love the bright colors in this vintage movie poster for "Roman Holiday."
4. Ring overload.
5. This picture is just bliss to me. I would just love to live inside. Words don't even explain how beautiful I think this is.
6. CAKE. I can't get enough of this blog! It is full of inspiration and eye candy.
7. "Safe and Sound" music video. I think it might be my favorite music video.
8. What's better than glitter cake pops!
9. Ryan Gosling in "Drive." The movie was really good, but the view was much better.
10. I love Jen's spread in this month's Instyle. Probably because I always rock Frye boots with my dresses.
Peace and Love,



I stumbled across this video tonight and it immediately made me crave summer. Now that we're at that in between period where it's not really winter but it's not really spring either I am ready for summer. So now I'm sitting the study listening to the Civil Wars and sipping on a vanilla chai latte dreaming about road trips, my toes in the sand, rolled down windows, black and white photos, and long airy dresses. Summer come quickly.

Peace and Love,



Just thought that I would share a few photos from this week! I am so tired. I think I'm gonna spend the rest of my night on the couch in front of the tv.

Peace and Love,


A Couple Little Things...

Just have a couple little things to share with you today.
First of all, my friend Tara and I went shopping yesterday between classes and I picked up these:
Aren't they the cutest owl earrings?! They are so tiny but I think that they'll be perfect for my second hole.
Second, my Mom got me these gorgeous journals for Valentine's day.
Remember them from here. I was so happy.
Finally, my Martha Stewart Living came in the mail last night.
And that made me just peachy!

Peace and Love,


Be Mine??...

Happy Valentine's Day!
I wanted to share a little playlist for you to enjoy on your Valentine's day so here are a couple of good love songs.
Be Mine by Emma Kate on Grooveshark
I don't know how I will be spending my evening but it will probably be with a bag of chocolate and a Ryan Gosling movie.
Don't get me wrong, I like Valentine's day. I think it's sweet.
I think it's safe to say that I'm not at this point...

Peace and Love,


Oh My Heavens...

Could you say no to this face?!

Happy Monday!

Peace and Love,


10 Things I LOVE...(With A Little Extra Love for Valentine's Day)

1. Bleubird's Wedding photo's are an absolute dream.
2. Can't quite get enough of this magenta colored chalkboard door.
3. First Aid Kit's newest single "Emmylou."
4. Love Taylor Hanson's snapshots of downtown Toronto.
5. Lizzy's chalkboard globe is such a cute idea!
6. Really diggin' long, wavy hair like this. Just got to wait for mine to grow out!
7. Just a darling beaded Valentine's pin.
8. These cupcakes are so perfect for a little Valentine's celebrating!
9. This entire look is so fab. I would totally rock this!
10. Chelsea's first preview of her engagement photos is stunning. Just lovely and perfect.
Peace and Love,



This is what I did today. Don't forget to throw in some homework and errands though too. I love Saturdays!

Peace and Love,