Sense And Sensibility....

This week I have started the first book of our Jane Austen book club, Sense and Sensibility. There are some days that I just wish I lived inside of one of Jane Austen's novels; all the romance and elegence. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend. I am so incredibly tired.

Peace and Love,




Despite the bad things that happened to day I am thankful. It was not the best day of the week and yet I am reminded of how great my God is and all that he does. Suzanne wrote this on my arm today and it made me feel good. Alyssa left an encouraging note on my desk along with a Bible verse which was just what I needed. My thesis adviser stayed with me two hours after school to help me with an outline and she drove me home.

Today I am thankful for my nest friends.

I am thankful for thesis advisers.

I am thankful love.

I am thankful for music.

I am thankful for my God.

I am thankful for life.

Let's not take all that we have for granted.

Peace and Love, Em


Birthday Wishes...

Today is my dear friend Sarah's birthday!! I am lucky to have her in my life. We are both Psych buddies and Baptist buddies and let me tell you those are bonds that cannot be broken :) Wishing her joy and happiness in her 17th year! Hope your day is filled with surprises!

Peace and Love,



Finally Friday...

Yay for Friday nights!! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Don't forget to pray for all those in Haiti.

Peace and Love,



Working On Thesis...

Hey guys! Just finished up my oral exams a couple of hours ago and boy am I glad they are done :) I think as a whole everything went really well. Now I am blessed with two full days to work on thesis. Yuck :( I just want to cuddle up with a good book and watch movies all day, but C'est la vie. Hope everyone has been enjoying their week so far!

Peace and Love,



Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds...

I am so blessed to have amazing friends! My best friend posts videos to me sometimes. They are normally just quick hellos or about inside jokes or just talking about our days. Today she posted one for me and for some reason it made me really happy. She had "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" from Across the Universe (one of my favorite movies) playing in the background and she just posted to say she loved me and a few other random comments. Little things like that make me very thankful, not just that the Lord has provided me with friends but that they are so cool and amazing! We all need to be more appreciative of what the Lord has given us. I know I take a lot of it for granted.

My best friend, Alyssa, and I :)

Happy Tuesday!

Peace and Love,



Got A Date With Ben and Jerry...

Last night a bunch of friends came over and we had a movie night. We watched Sleepy Hollow and then The Dark Knight. Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in one night! Anyway after everyone left I decided to have myself an ice cream party!
I tried out Ben and Jerry's new John Lennon inspired Ice cream called Imagine Whirled Peace. If the whole idea of John Lennon ice cream wasn't awesome enough it tasted really good too! Also the Cherry Vanilla Haagen-Daas was so good! Enjoy your first Saturday night of the new year!

Peace and Love,


Hello 2010...

Just hoping that everyone has had a great start to the new year. I hope that peace and love and happiness will surround you all this year! Peace and Love,