Trick Or Treat...

Happy Halloween everyone!! Enjoy your night and eat as much candy as your heart desires!!

Peace and Love,



Just a little Dwayne Gretzky for you on this dreary October day. I adore these guys! 

Peace and Love, 


Oh, Sandy...

It has been storming here since late last night. I personally love the sound of the rain but the News is saying that things are going to get much worse. I'm trying to get everything I need to done just in case the power goes out. I do love the fact that I can just lay around in sweat pants and read for hours! 
Everyone be careful and stay safe in this weather!! 

Peace and Love, 


10 Things I LOVE: Halloween Edition...

1. Black Skull garland.  
2. Paint-dipped pinecones.
3. A beautiful set of chalkboard, gold, and glitter pumpkins.
4. Ghost cake.
5. A pretty Halloween mantle set-up. 
6. Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifle. Yum!
7. Cute little ghosts!
8. Black Rock Candy.

9. Fun Candy Corn garland.
10. Paper bats to hang around your space. 

Peace and Love,


White & Orange Pumpkins...


My sister and I finished our first set of painted pumpkins for the year. We both wanted to do a pattern in white white orange showing (hers is the chevron, mine is the stripes.) I know the lines could have been cleaner on mine, I think there were some areas where the tape wasn't pressed down enough and the paint seeped through, but I thought they turned out pretty well considering it was our first time trying this method. I actually really love how they came out! We have a few more pumpkins that we are working on. I'll post more soon :) 

Peace and Love, 



"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall..."  
-F.  Scott Fitzgerald 

Peace and Love, 


Life Lately In Instagrams...


1. I love the fact that leaves are everywhere!  2. Already looking into my next set of classes. 
3. Shopping for paint for our pumpkins.  4. Fall in Maryland. 
5. Makes for a good combo.  6. Psych homework.... 
7. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies thanks to my lovely sister.  8. All of our pumpkins out in a row. 
9. My cuddle buddy.  10. Apple juice in the cutest little bottles.  

Peace and Love, 


10 Things I LOVE...

1. A cute how-to for chalkboard coffee mugs.
2. Love this wall of lovelies in little Harper's room.
3. Beautiful wallpaper.
4. I want to dress like this for the rest of my life.
5. Cedar and Gold by Tristan Prettyman. She has a gorgeous voice and there are some really good break-up songs about Jason Mraz on here.
6. This past week's episode of The Vampire Diaries was SO good. My favorite in a long time. It's called "Memorial" if you'd like to watch it.
7. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. One of my favorite treats for Fall. My sister has a batch in the oven as we speak.
8. The prettiest Scottish-inspired elopement. Thanks to my mom for sharing this with me!
9. Grape lollipops. I have been eating these ever since I first got sick. Grape is my absolute favorite!!
10. A very cool feather tee DIY from Sincerely Kinsey

Peace and Love, 


All The Leaves Are Brown (& Orange + Red)...

Just looking at the brilliance of the colors of the leaves makes it undeniable that there is a God. I love the rich colors that they are already turning and they are just going to get prettier and prettier. 

Peace and Love, 

Fall Fashion 2012...

The Necessities: 
1. Felt floppy hats or fedoras. This one is from Topshop
2. Aztec cardigans. You can find so many with different patterns and colors. I love the real chunky and oversized ones. I found this one here
3. Combat boots. The more distressed they look the better. You can also find cool ones with studs like these.  
4. Leather shoulder bag. I love this one because of the color. Fall is all about accessorizing with deep jewel tones. Madewell has some beautiful bags.  
5. Floral leggings. They're fun and add color to any outfit. This pair was from Topshop
6. Nail polishes in deep purples and wines. I love "Wicked" by Essie. 
7. A double-breasted coat. You can't go wrong with this; it's a staple piece. Adore the length and style of the "Promenade" coat from Madewell.  

Peace and Love, 


Full Swing...

 Fall is kicking into full swing around here. Leaves are covering the ground, the trees are all sorts of brilliant colors, and we have purchased our pumpkins. Not to mention my love for all things pumpkin and cinnamon flavored is at an extreme. Fall, you grow on me more and more everyday. 

Peace and Love, 

10 Things I LOVE...

1. All Things.  
2. White Deer stud earrings from Wildfox Couture.  
3. Looks like paradise.
4. A gorgeous black diamond ring.
5. Adore this baggy& comfortable look.
6. A pretty up-do for Fall.
7. A beautiful house in the forest.
8. The raddest combat boots over at Shoemint.
9. Meg's photo just captures Fall in my mind.
10. A beautiful set of photos by Miss Kinsey.  

Peace and Love,