Good Times...

I love this picture.
I don't know why.
It's Saxman and I during layover at the airport in Paris.
Maybe I like it because it reminds me of a friendship I once had.
A really good friendship.
A friendship that I may never get back.
Because people change.
Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
Not everything stays the same.
Sometimes you realize that people never were who you thought they were.
Sometimes people use you.
But this picture reminds me of the good times.
I'm glad I have the picture to preserve that time.
It might be all that's left.

Peace and Love,
*Sorry to get all emotional. This is just something I have been working through for a long time. When this picture was posted online I just had to let some of it out.


Lemon Cupcakes...

Remember how I said that I always ended up with more icing than I needed? Well this time I didn't mind. This lemon icing was delicious!! I was the one licking the bowl clean this time.
I have always been a fan of lemon cake and these cupcakes just furthered my love for it. They are the perfect little summer treat!

Next up: Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes.

Peace and Love,
P.S. The icing is yellow, it just doesn't look like it in all the pictures.


All-Girl Movie Night...

On Saturday Heather, Suzanne, and I went over to Heather's for an all-girl movie night. These were our selections. We ended up watching The Accidental Husband (which was really cute) and 50 First Dates. It was fun to get together, eat blondies, and watch chick flicks. I love those girls :)

Peace and Love,


Happy Birthday To My Little Sis...

Today my little sister turns 15.
The two of us started off the day by going to see the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse. A couple days ago we had a big storm that knocked down a lot of trees so a bunch of roads were closed which made it really difficult to get to the mall. We made it to the theater about 10 minutes late but Maddie said it was still worth seeing the movie (this was her second time seeing it.)

I took Maddie shopping and all of us went to Outback for dinner.

I drank a lot of this. It's a virgin berry daiquiri. Yummy!

We had Cheesecake Factory for desert. I had chocolate raspberry. Double Yum.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY sis! I hope you had a great day. I am so blessed to have you as a best friend. I love you so much.

Peace and Love,


That Day In St. Michaels...

Remember that day when Sarah and I went to Cracker Barrel and St. Michaels.
I liked that day.
I liked our mini road trip that lasted about an hour.
I miss the apple butter and the shopping.
I can't wait for another day like that to come along.
It was a blast.

Peace and Love,
*Credit for all photos goes to Sarah Conlon



Thursday Sarah, Suzanne and I went out for a lunch date. It was the first time the roomies had been all together since Europe. Can you believe it? We went to the Metro Diner for lunch where Sarah and I got these amazing BLTs and Suzanne got the vanilla waffles. We had a great time talking and laughing, you know the usual girl stuff.

After lunch we headed downtown for cupcakes. We went to the lovely Nostalgia cupcakes for this fix. Suzanne got a toasted coconut and a red velvet cupcake while I got the Chocolate City Cupcake. This thing was unbelievable. After I ate it I felt like I was either suffering from a cupcake coma or I was pregnant with a cupcake baby. Either way it was worth it!
Sarah was holding our for a candied apple so after Suzanne and I finished our cupcakes we headed a couple of doors down. We went into this little candy shop that had at least 10 different kinds of candied apples. All of them looked good.

Sarah ended up getting the M&M covered apple.

Next time I am getting one of these chocolate covered twinkies! YUM!

After we all had our fill of sugar we walked around town and down to the docks. It was really hot so we made our walk short and headed back to the car.
Suzanne was driving so she dropped Sarah off first and then as she was on her way to my house she said "Hey, do you want to go to the library?" Suzanne and I love books. I mean we read alllll the time. Suzanne even works at the library. So we decided to drop in real quick. It's not like I needed any more books to read this summer but I like looking. After not finding a good summer romance I grabbed the next Trueblood book that I needed and we were on our way.

After hanging out with my girls all day I went out with the boys that night. I went with Isaac and Jacob to see Inception. It was really good but I was totally confused the whole time while the boys acted like they had it all figured out. It was fun hanging out just me and the guys. Oh and seeing previews featuring Zac Efron and John Hamm wasn't so bad either.

Peace and Love,
*Also want to wish Tyler Kyte a happy birthday today. Can't wait for the release of Sweet Thing's album on August 17th!


Oh Blogspot...

Blogspot is being dumb and wont let me post a bunch of pictures with my post so the post I was giong to do tonight will have to wait until tomorrow. To tide you over here is a picture I took for a photography class I was taking last week.

Peace and Love,


My New Best Friend...

Ever since my new Panasonic headphones arrived in the mail a couple of days ago I have been in LOVE. The sound is so much better than it was on the little ipod ear buds. Plus, they look totally retro and cool! If only I could walk around all day with these on...

Peace and Love,


Red Velvet Cupcakes...

So item #3 in the Hummingbird cookbook was the red velvet supcake. I have always been a red velvet girl. I don't know why but I just love it. Making the cake part of this recipe was easy (except for getting red food coloring all over myself) but the icing was a little harder. It was the thickest icing I have made from scratch so far and took the longest to mix. I have notcied that no matter how precisely I follow the directions I always end up with way more icing than I need. Luckily I have a few willing volunteers to lick the bowl and spoon clean :)
I really like these cupcakes! I made them tonight and have already had two. I think it's something about having everything made from scratch!

Next item on the agenda: The Lemon cupcake.

Peace and Love,


The Book Thing...

Yesterday my dad and I headed to Baltimore to go to The Book Thing. I was able to find some really cool books! I'm still amazed that you can just go there and take whatever you want for free! It's pretty cool!

Peace and Love,