Last night we carved our pumpkins. We couldn't fine the pumpkin carving tools so we tried everything: drills, knives, anything we could find. Nothing worked. We had some tough pumpkins. Finally we found the carving tools and everything went smoothely from there. It took us a while to finish our pumpkins but we enjoyed hot chocolate while we worked! Happy Halloween everyone!

Peace and Love,


Baby You Can Drive My Car...

The big news is I got my own car!! I have to thank my grandparents and my aunt and uncle for paying for and giving me the car! I love it! It's so cute and I love knowing that I finally have a car of my own!!!
Peace and Love,



I am so happy it's the weekend. This week has been crazy and emotional and I am so glad that it's over. Not to mention I get Monday off! I'm excited to just get to chill and read and watch movies for three days. Still trying to decide what to do for Halloween. Thinking maybe a movie night??

Peace and Love,
P.S. I've got very exciting news to share with you tomorrow!


Late Night Scrabble...

It is a tradition in my family that when we all get together we play games really late at night. We have spent countless nights in the Outer Banks playing UNO into the wee hours of the morning. This past weekend when my grandparents visited we decided to have an all girls late night game of Scrabble. It was really fun! Of course I didn't win but I had a great time. I love our late night games!

Peace and Love,


Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies...

On Saturday I made one of my favorite Fall things: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies. They didn't even last one day. These cookies are so good that you can't help but go back for more. They are super easy to make and quite an excellent Fall sweet!

Sorry for my lack of blogging everyday. My computer has been down and I have also been going through a lot of stress these past couple of days. But don't worry I already have my next couple of posts planned!
Peace and Love,


My Weekend...

I had a great weekend! It included:

-Fall leaves
-Large Drunkin' Pumpkin's with apple muffins
-Pumpkin cookies
-Board Games
-Movie Night
-Quiet Reading Time
-A Wonderful Afternoon in D.C.
-Girl Talk
-Cuddle Time with Puppy
How was your weekend?

Peace and Love,


D.C. In The Fall...

My Grandparents are in town this weekend so yesterday we took them to D.C. to show them the Eastern Market. It was a perfect Fall day. All the little houses were decorated with pumkins and all the stands had some to sell. It was a fun time :)
Peace and Love,