10 Things I LOVE...

1. Geometric print and leather. The perfect combination for Fall.
2. It's true, they do.
3. Very cool arrow tattoos.
4. Peace and Love needlepoint coasters in festive Autumn colors.
5. Love this hat from Clyde.
6. Pumpkin Banana Bread. Yum, yum, yum!!
7. Kinsey modeling a beautiful necklace from Roots and Feathers.
8. The new Fall lookbook from Threadsence.
9. Cute party favor idea. Homemade headbands in mason jars & topped with a gold heart!
10. Such a cool September mantle decor how-to over at Smile and Wave.

Peace and Love,


2 Obsessions...

 I thought I would share with you two things that I have become obsessed with this week. 
One: buns. I am letting my hair and bangs grow out and a lot of the time I just want it out of the way. I'll throw it up but it never looks very good. This week I took the time to figure out how to make a pretty bun and I love it! So easy and cute and perfect for the days that I am in a hurry. 
Two: Starbucks drive thru's. We all know how much I adore Starbucks but this week I was just super happy that we have a new drive thru right down the street. It's not good for my wallet but it's good for my soul. 

Peace and Love, 


Bieber Fever...

Currently obsessed with this dance! I love the part at the very beginning of the chorus. Yes...I like Justin Bieber. 

Enjoy your Friday! 

Peace and Love, 


Fall Cosmetic Must Haves...

When it comes to the cold time of year there I certain things that I have to have in my makeup bag. Today I thought that I would share with you 4 cosmetics that are essential for Fall. 

1. Bobbie Brown Hydrating Moisturizer. I have always had oily skin, so when I take care of my face in the Fall and Winter it tends to get really dry. I mean SUPER dry! So dry that it hurts to move my face sometimes. I have tried drug store moisturizers and other brand names but nothing has worked as good as Bobbi Brown. This moisturizer soothes instantly and my dry skin goes away after just a few applications. Plus it smells really good!!
2. Nars eyeliner in Black Moon. Typically I don't wear a lot of eyeliner but for some reason I like to add it to my look for Fall. Nars makes my favorite eyeliner and I love this color because it gives the eye a smokey look.
3. Handcreme by Lollia. Along with the cold months come dry hands. I love the handcreme from Lollia because is a thicker substance so it heals your hands right away. Also it comes in mini sizes which are great to throw in your purse and there are different pretty scents to choose from!
4. Vaseline Lip Therapy. I have the worst luck when it comes to chapped lips. I've tried a lot of different chopsticks but I think this is the best by far! It works almost instantly. I put it on before bed and when I wake up my lips feel brand new. There's also different flavors to choose from! 

Peace and Love, 


Nothing Much...

I cannot believe that September is already coming to an end! Where did the time go?! So far this week I have been pretty busy with school and work; it seems like there is never a moment where I don't have something to do. I am trying to get most of my work done so that I can enjoy this beautiful Fall weekend that is coming up! Right now I can say that I am pretty envious of Mel; that girl has the life! 

Wishing that you all have a beautiful Wednesday! 
Peace and Love, 


10 Things I LOVE...

1. A beautiful piece by Alexandra Valenti.   
3. Such a cool way to reinvent a table!
4. Very pretty yarn. 
5. I adore these mixed panel curtains!
6. Just wonderful.
7. The coolest soap dispensers made by Method and Orla Kiely.
8. A cute skull bracelet available at the Spotted Moth.
9. The loveliest little Holga camera.
10. Embroidery by Lucky Jackson that is just stunning!

Peace and Love,

In Need Of A Nap...

 I am exhausted and there is so much on my "To Do" list today. Yesterday we went out to Reston, VA to meet up with my family and have dinner. It's always good to see my Aunt and Uncle and Grandparents and catch up. On the other hand, the traffic on the way home was horrible and we were stuck in bumper to bumper for around 40 minutes. Needless to say, I would rather spend this Sunday chilling but reality is standing in my way. Ok, enough of the procrastination.... 

Peace and Love, 


Saying Goodbye...

 Along with all the stuff that is been going on in my life lately, I found out last week that my best friend is going to Singapore for 3 months. I am extremely happy for her and know that God is going to use her for His glory and to do incredible things. But at the same time, I can't help but be a little sad. Sarah and I have been through a lot together over the years: we've done a lot of traveling (including to Greece and Italy), we've tasted a lot of cupcakes, and shared a lot of adventures. But the bottom line is that we have been there for each other through the good and the bad. It's hard for me to think that I won't be able to meet up with her when I need to talk or want to do something on a whim. But it's just three months, and I know that this is what God has in the plans for both of us. 
Last night we got together for the last time before she leaves. We went out for Mexican and just sat talking for hours. It was really fun and I cherish every conversation that I have with her. 
I can't wait to see what this three months has in store for the both of us. I will be praying for this girl everyday and missing her like crazy! I can't wait to see how God uses her and I can't wait for the adventures that we will share when she gets back! 

Bon Voyage my dear! Love you!! 

Peace and Love, 

Real Life...

  This is the current state of my bedroom. I know, I know: I should be ashamed. But hey, at least it looks lived in! I have be meaning to clean it for days but things just get in the way and I have been pretty busy lately. I have a bunch of clothes that I want to go through and I have some major laundry to do. But I'll get it done, I promise! It just may take all while...
All this to show that I am perfectly human :) 

Peace and Love, 


Rain Boots And Chai Tea...

Yesterday it rained like crazy here! I got soaked to the bone running to my car at school. But hey, I like having an excuse to wear my rain boots. 
This morning I met up with two friends from high school who I haven't seen in forever. It was good to catch up and talk about the past over a cup of Chai Tea. One of my friends is headed to London in a few days to study at Oxford for a semester. SO jealous!! 

Happy Wednesday!! 

Peace and Love, 


Pretty And Pregnant...


James from Bleubird Vintage just instagramed these pictures of her at 37 weeks. They are just so pretty and natural! I would love to do something like this one day when I'm pregnant.

Peace and Love,


Sweater Weather...

 Did I mention how happy I am that it is starting to get a bit chilly around here?! I have to say that I wasn't a big fan of Fall over the years, but it's started to grow on me. I love the cold but I also don't like having to be all bundled up. Fall is perfect because you can wear layers but you don't have to be drowning in your clothes. I love the scarves, the tights, the cardigans; all of it! I've just started pulling out some of my favorite sweaters and I can't wait to wear them! Nothing better than a Fall day spent in an oversized sweater with a cup of warm coffee and a good book. I can't wait for those days once we get a little deeper into September... 

Peace and Love, 


10 Things I LOVE...

1. A fun pom pom scarf from Diane Von Furstenburg.  
2. A gold metallic mini menagerie "how to" over at Harper's Happenings.   
3. A collection of vintage cameras that would make any photographer jealous.  
4. A barn painted a spectacular color.   
5. Miss Lizzy Olsen sporting a great look for Autumn.  
6. Cute hand painted tents.   
7. A lovely tassel necklace.   
8. Dot pencils by Lisa Stickley.   
9. Some good advice.  
10. Beautiful floral paintings from Working Girl Designs.  

Peace and Love, 


Not Happy...

Puppy had a bath today... 
...and she was not happy about it. 

Peace and Love, 


Life Lately In Instagrams...

1. Sweater weather.  2. Lemon water in a Starbucks cup :) 
3. Watching one of my favorite movies: Notting Hill.  4. Helping me breathe. 
5. My first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the Fall.  6. Wednesday's lunch. 
7. The best Butter comes from London.  8. Happiness comes in a shapes and sizes. In this case it came in a brown box from Zara.  
9. Nothing but the best.  10. Camping out in the basement last Saturday waiting for a Tornado to pass.  

Peace and Love,