Merry Christmas 2011...

Peace and Love,

10 Things I LOVE Christmas Edition...

1. Aluminum and tinsel Christmas Trees.
2. Christmas records, especially the old ones.
3. Lizzy's idea of 25 little gifts for December.
4. Wrapping and decorating gifts.
5. Shiny Brite ornaments.
6. Paper snowflakes.
7. Seasonal drinks from Starbucks.
8. The old puppet movies from the 60s.
9. Twinkle lights (but I love these all year long.)
10. Christmas cookies.
Peace and Love,



A Home Made Of Gingerbread...

Yesterday marked the end of my gingerbread house virginity. Can you believe that I had never made a gingerbread house before? Maddie and I got a Rudolph gingerbread house kit and worked together to make it our own. We had so much fun (despite the stickiness of the frosting) it's something that we hope to do every year together. Next year we plan on having a whole lot more candy choices though!
Peace and Love,

My Favorite Little Tree...

Every year my mom makes it her special project to make a little tree of branches and decorate it for Christmas. It's something so simple but it's always beautiful and one of my favorite Christmas decorations. It looks so pretty with the glittery white, silver, and blue ornaments. I think I may have to steal this idea in the future.
Peace and Love,