Junior Soiree Part 1...

My day started out with hair at 8:30. As usual Bobbie did a fantastic job and got me done in one appointment so I didn't have to wait around. She never disappoints and I love my new bangs!

So here's a little bit of the cut (she didn't style it but you get the idea):
And this is how she styled it for soiree! I brought the flower (it was the same color as all my other accessories):
It was way to early for me to be up on a Saturday morning so after my hair was done it was time for a coffee break!I got the usual, which is a dark chocolate turtle mocha, and it was delicious as always :)

Then after we had about an hour to breath it was time to head over to Smashbox to get my makeup done.
The girl who did my makeup was so sweet and helpful, and she did a fabulous job! I ended up buying a butt-load of Smashbox makeup. Thanks Spencer and Sarah!

Then I rushed home and finished getting all dolled up. Before I could go we had to take some glamor shots!
Then it was time to head off to the cocktail reception...

Stay tuned for more...



Happiness is...

Hope everyone is having a great week so far :)

P.s. Soiree pictures will be up soon.


Completely Bumfuzzled...

After staying out until close to 1 last night I am DEAD! I had a great time at soiree but yesterday was non-stop business. I have a gazillion pictures to post but I'll do them in multiple posts. Because I took so many pictures that means I have a lot of editing to do so until I get all of them finished I am just going to give you a little sneak peek of what is to come. (By the way, the picture above was taken by Kevin, aka Saxman, at the after party last night.)

Hope everyone's weekend has been lovely!



1 Day Until Soiree...

So the Junior Soiree is tomorrow and here is how my day will be spent:

8:30 hair cut

10:00 hair styled

12:00 Makeup done at Smashbox

2:00 Arrive at the cocktail party

5:00-ish leave to go to Annapolis and get on the Yacht

9:00 head to the after party

So as you can see I am pretty booked tomorrow. Somehow I have to fit eating and getting dressed into my schedule but I think I will be able to manage. Needless to say I am hitting the hay pretty early tonight, but before I do I wanted to show you what my plans are for my hair :)

For the cut I want to keep my bangs (I love my bangs) but I am looking to do a little something different and add some more layers so I am drawing my inspiration from the lovely Tiffani Thiessen.
Then for the actual soiree I want it to be curled and probably up but on the side a little bit so I have been looking at these:
But I want to add a little hippie flair so I am also thinking about maybe adding a braid in there somehow like this:
Anyway, we'll see how it goes! I will try and take tons of pictures tomorrow!
Nighty Night ;)



The Final Piece...

I had the dress, the clutch, and the accessories, now all I needed was the shoes. With the soiree being two days away I was getting a little worried about finding a great pair of shoes. Today I found them!! They are Jessica Simpson and they are a Champagne color and I love them. Plus, they are comfortable :)



No Rest in Reston...

This Saturday we headed out to good ol' VA to have lunch with some family.

Our first stop was at the Pear Tree Cottage in Vienna (right across from Jammin Java). The shop was run by a very chic girl and boy was it cool! It was a small space but every single inch of it was stuffed with treasure. I got another cook book and picked up some super cute tea towels while I was there.

(I picked up the Martha Stewart book at Williams and Sonoma) It was the cutest shop and I will definitely be going back. If you are ever in the area you must check it out.

Then we headed over to the Reston Town Center to have dinner at Clyde's.
Dinner was yummy! I had mussels and clams :) Then we did some walking around and shopping!

It was a good Saturday with family and the retail therapy did me good. Now if I can only make it through the week...



Some Days it Sucks to be a Girl....

....but some days it rules!!

You get to have awesome dance parties:
You get have trips with the girls to the beach:
You get to go to bunko parties and loose 15 times in a row:
You get to have crushes on HOT guys:
You get to have Christian Bale marathons:
You are allowed to go and see Twilight twice in one day without it being super weird:
You get to get dressed up for a night on the town:
You get to have fun with makeup:
Sometimes too much fun:
You can be goofy like this:
You can take naps in women's lounge in the Lord and Taylor bathroom:
You can share hugs like this one:
You can take glamor shots:
You can get all dolled up...
...or you can dress like a dude:
And you will always have loyal friends who will laugh with you until you cry:
So while I may not have enjoyed being a girl today, most days I love it :)



A Polka Dot Affair...

Just like I had the post about all things sock monkey I now have one of polka dotted goodness. I think I am going to make this a weekly thing where I take some of my favorite stuff and find as much of it as possible. So without further ado...

First up is the polka dot earrings:
Almost everything I'm posting I found on Etsy and they have tons of these earrings in different colors!
Next is the dot pillow:Not exactly polka dots but it is in the dot family and I though it was pretty fun!
Now one of my favorites are the polka dot cupcake holders!!
They have so many colors!!They are the cutest holders for the cutest treat!
Here is a polka dot camera bag that was just adorable.And when you need a snack why not put it in this?While searching for polka dotted goodies I came upon a lot of cute kids clothes which, were it possible, I would totally wear.I did stumble upon this, which I LOVE, and was so tempted to buy it.And what could be more perfect than a polka dot wedding dress? I think this was originally from J. Crew:And last, but definitely not least, who could resist this man in a polka dot tie?*Swoon*

Ahhh....polka dots make me so happy!