This cd just came in the mail today! I LOVE it! Alexz's voice is amazing. Listening to it now while I do homework that I am completely not motivated to do. Today had been a pretty good day though:

-Pictures came in the mail
-Hung out with Alyssa for 3+ hours
-Got my Dorian Gray book
-Listening to some sick new tunes

Yep it's all good.

Peace and Love,


Lady of Style: Alexz Johnson...

I have been a fan of Alexz Johnson ever since episode one of Instant Star. It was my favorite show for years and I was so bummed when it went off the air. But not only am I a fan of her acting and her amazing music but her style also inspires me. I love how it's simple and yet it's really stylish. She wears a lot of vintage and a lot of black. She is also a fan of boots at all times and I love how she dons a hat every now and then. I love the boyfriend shirts paired with the girly blazers too! Here are some of Alexz's looks that I love!

Here's what Alexz had to say about her personal style:

Peace and Love,


Just Another Manic Monday...

...I listened to a lot of this...
...I ate a lot of this...
...I sewed a lot of this...
...I saw a lot of this...
And Happy Anniversary to my parents!!
Peace and Love,


Baby, Won't You Let It Go...

Here's a little Sweet Thing to brighten your day:
Peace and Love,


Broadway Babes...

Tuesday night I had the pleasure of listening to my dear friends practice for their college auditions. I was so impressed and proud of them! It was great to hear and see what they have been working so hard for. I doubt they will have trouble getting accepted to schools! Great job gals! Love you!

Peace and Love,


So Sleepy...

I have been feeling pretty energized lately but today I totally crashed. I have been so tired all day and between speeches, babysitting the dog, and going to work I haven't had a chance to close my eyes. I know I talk about sleeping a lot. I think I have a serious problem. Haha, well let's see how long I can get in my book before I doze off...

Peace and Love,


International Peace Day...

Happy International Peace Day to everyone. I just love that word, Peace. It means a lot of things to me. I love this quote though. I bought it to frame on my wall. I think it is a great summary of what peace really is.

What does peace mean to you?

PEACE and Love,


Nothing Better Than Ice Cream and Sweet Thing...

I'm sorry that I was so bad about blogging this weekend but I promise that I'll be better. Friday night started off with hair cuts and ended with me falling asleep at 6:30 and sleeping for 13 hours.
Saturday started off right with a Dunkin' Doughnuts Iced coffee and a re-run of White Collar before heading off to work. In the afternoon dad and I drove to Columbia andwent to a secondhand book shop where I picked up a lovely Fitzgerald. Then after a few hours of feeling sick mom and I drove to Coldstone where I filled up on dark chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and gummie bears (my all time fav).
We listened to Sweet Thing all the way there and back.

Mel got her first sweater!
Sunday was a day to don Goodwill finds, watch football, read books, work on my quilt, and take naps.

And that ladies and gents was my weekend :)

Peace and Love,


Coffee Chat...

After school today Alyssa and I went out to coffee. It was so nice being able to just sit and talk with her for almost 2 hours. Both of us know each other so well that we always understand where the other one is coming from. I know that when we are talking neither of us is judging the other person. It's like a fun therapy session! lol I'm lucky to have a friend like lyss. Without her I just might explode!

Peace and Love,


Hump Day...

You should proud of this girl.
-No Oriole's games have been watched.
-No books have been read.
-No music has been listened to.
-No snacks have been eaten.

All I have done tonight is work on papers and speeches and study for a quiz. Of course, this girl is not the happiest of girls at the moment and would much rather be doing one of the things listed above. But I will survive (I think) and continue working after this blog has been posted. I don't know if I have ever been as excited for sleep as I am tonight!
Peace and Love,


Tuesday Randoms...

Peace and Love,