This is what a trip to Ikea will do to a girl like me. I bought so many frames! I can't wait to show you what my bedroom looks like. I got a new media cabinet and curtains and I adore the paint color. But I still have a lot to do and I don't want to reveal it until it is close to being done.
Right now I need to go order photos.
And the 4th season of Psych.
And finish uploading all of my Train cds to my Ipod.

Peace and Love,


Some Europe Favorites...

So I know that I have been super bad at posting pics from my trip to Italy and Greece earlier this summer. I just wanted to post some of my favorites that were taken by friends over our 17 days in Europe. Enjoy! Peace and Love,


College Girl...

This little lady is heading off to college tomorrow. Carrie will be attending Messiah in PA. I went over to her house yesterday to help her pack and spend some time with her before she left. We have had some really fun times together and it was so hard helping her pack up all her stuff knowing that she wasn't gonna be around all the time. It was a big reality check for me knowing that I am going to be a senior this year and I have all of these big changes hitting me. I mean I will be going to college next year. College! Carrie and I listened to Hellogoodbye and Keane while we drank coffee in her room and laughed about old times. We also continued our tradition of watching Arrested Development. I'm sad that I won't be able to hang out with Carrie whenever I want to now but I know she will have an amazing time at college. I love that girl :)

Peace and Love,



Train Love...

Last night my mom and I headed to Vienna, VA to see Train in concert. I have loved this band for such a long time and when we heard they were coming to VA we bought tickets right away. The show was at Wolftrap and it was so amazing! Pat Monahan has an incredible voice and I love the way he dances around on stage. They played all of my favorites: Drops of Jupiter, Hey, Soul Sister, Superman, Meet Virginia, and Calling All Angels. It was such a great show and I had so much fun with my mama. In the 45 minutes it took us to get home we heard 4 Train songs on the radio. The next time Train comes to town I will definately be there. It was THAT good.
Here is a video I took from last night of them singing on of my favorites, Superman. The quality of the video looks really bad because I had to upload it from youtube which sucks because the original is actually really clear and crisp. Oh well...

Peace and Love,


A Weekend Away...

This weekend we headed to Winchester, VA to visit my grandparents.
We weren't on the road for 2 minutes and we spotted this guy:
After about an hour and half on the road we stopped at our favorite country pie shop to pick up dessert. Seriously these pies are amazing. We ended up getting apple and chocolate peanut-butter silk. Yum :)

One quick stop to Sonic for hot fudge sundaes!

My aunt and uncle suprised us and showed up for dinner which was so much fun. Some chicken gone bad meant that we went out and got bar-b-que for dinner! It was my first time having ribs and they were so good! After dinner we sat around and talked, watched old home movies, and ended our night with the Ravens vs. Redskins game.

Sunday morning meant pie for breakfast :)

Wrapped up in my great-grandmother's quilt.
While Maddie wasn't looking Mel enjoyed her ice water.
Right before we left we headed downtown to the mall to walk around. Too bad almost everything was closed. We did spend some time in a cute little bookstore.
I drove home and then read for the rest of the night. I've got a busy week ahead of me.

Peace and Love,


Could It Be Forever...

I adore this book. Written by David Cassidy himself, it's a glimpse inside the life of a struggling teen heart throb. It's so interesting! I must stop blogging and keep reading.

Peace and Love,


Days Like Today (or Yesterday)...

Today is a day like yesterday. It's rainy and cold outside and I have so much to do but not the determination to do it. I did finish painting my room this morning so that's something. But today I really just want to sit in a chair and read all day.
Yesterday Maddie and I played with Mel. She is so cute when she plays with her toys.
Maddie got really excited because her new lunch box for school came. Excited because she got something new from PB Teen, not excited for school.
And I promised her that I would post a gross picture of me without make-up and messed up hair because she thought she didn't look good. So here it is:
Oh, and check out my new camera bag that I got from etsy. I love it!

Peace and Love,