Audrey Hepburn Would Be Proud.....

I'm so happy! I got my perfect soiree dress! I was beginning to get worried about finding this perfect dress. There are so many rules about the dress that I was starting to think the perfect one wasn't out there. After one failed attempt and searching far and wide I felt like I was just gonna have to settle for something that wasn't "the one."

Have you ever seen "What Women Want?" Well my dad wanted to play Mel Gibson for a day and take me dress shopping. How cute is that?! It only took us two stores and I fell in love with this one!! I'm so happy I found it! Thanks to my daddy for taking me out today! It was special!



Yesterday, Doesn't Seem So Far Away.....

I started off my morning with one of these! So yummy and colorful!
After a few texts and phone calls I jumped in the shower to get ready to go out with some friends :) After changing our plans about four times we finally settled on going to the mall.

Our first stop was Macy's. We were trying to help Betty find a dress for soiree. I was not really looking for myself but I did see this dress and thought it was fun :)
Unfortunately it was a size three and there was no way I was going to attempt and put it on.

Suzannie found herself this dress which was really cute:

She got it for soiree but I think it would make a great garden party or Easter dress :)

We then met up with our friends Meredith and Kayla. And let me tell you it was time for coffee!
So we shot over to Starbucks!
Suzannie and Betty while we were waiting for our coffee.

Vanilla Latte in hand and with a little love note from our table we were ready to keep shopping.
We checked out some other stores from which all of us left empty handed.

Then I went with Meredith and Kayla to a vintage clothing store. We spent way too much time there and ended up in a major time crunch. The girls needed to get to play rehearsal in Brooklyn for opening night and they had less than an hour and a half! Luckily things worked out and they even made it to practice early!

After a 4:30 pm lunch and dinner almost an hour later we hopped in the car to go to opening night of Oklahoma!

I was so impressed with everyone in the production! I was so amazed at how talented all of my friends are! The play was amazing. I am so proud of everyone and all the hard work has definitely paid off. I hope the next three shows are as great as the first.

After hanging out with the cast for a while and praising them all for their amazing talents it was time to go home. I was exhausted.

I went upstairs to change into my pj's but I ended up laying on the floor thinking for a few minutes. I had received a message from my uncle that brought me to tears during the intermission. I had a lot on my mind..
So that's what I did yesterday. haha hope you all have a great Friday and a great start to your weekend :)




I am too tired to think of a creative name for this post. haha
Just wanted to share this picture with you. Maddie was outside trying to pull this branch off a tree and I thought it would make a great picture. Sometimes the most random things can be the most beautiful:)



Life's Good...

This is the motto I have been living by for the past couple of weeks. When it comes down to it all you really need is love. I have a lot of love to be thankful for and I know that I will be able to say that for the rest of my life. I am certain that I will always have God's love and I hope that I will be able to share this love with everyone throughout my life.
I know that He will always be holding my right hand.
He will pick me up when I fall.
He will never leave me.
His love is unconditional.
In the end all you need is love... but His love is the greatest.



Did You Know...

That I love Sock Monkeys?!!! The cute little guys have become one of my latest obsessions :) A couple of weeks ago while I was shopping on Etsy I found this hat and just had to have it! I adore it! It's so fun and cute and it makes me smile. It's nice to have a couple little things that make you smile :)



All You Need Is Love....

As promised here are photos from last night. For Valentine's we went to see our good friend, Todd Wright, and three other songwriters play at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. The show was called "All you need is love: Beatles tribute and other love songs" It was fantastic! Such a perfect way to spend Valentine's day. My whole family went along with my friend Alyssa and her mom.
It was great to see Todd (it had been six months since I last saw him!) he is one of my favorite people in the whole world!
I hope everyone enjoyed their night as much as I did!

Love, Em


Happy Valentine's....

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day! We went and saw a friend of ours play a Beatles/Love song gig! It was so awesome! (Pictures to come)
Right now I just have a TON of random Valentine's pictures. Most of them are from cards that I have made (getting crafty again!) and others are just things that were part of Valentine's! I hope nobody's eyes fall out looking at these pictures; there are a lot.
Hope you enjoy!

Love, Em


Girls Night...

A group of my girlfriends and I got together tonight for a movie and dinner date night! The evening started off with us seeing "Dear John." What appeared to be a good romance film turned out to be a big bunch of depressing events occurring one after another. Not exactly my perfect movie but it might suit some.Krista and her movie theater goodies :)

After we were all blue (and Krista had cried at least 3 times) we made our way over to Friday's for some food. When we first got there we were told our wait was going to be at least an hour (NO way!) We decided to leave when a guy who worked there ran after us and told us it would actually be 15 minutes.
Having 8 girls at one table does not make it easy on a poor waiter and it probably took us 25 minutes just to make up our minds and order.
Once we received our food it was all smooth sailing and we had a great time!

Goofing off:
All smiles from Heather and I:
Lyssa Lou:
One of my favorites! Sisterly LOVE:
Hope everyone had a fun Saturday night! Excited for Valentine's pictures tomorrow!

Love, Em



Liv Tyler is one of my favorite people out there. Not necessarily a big fan of her movies but as a human being she inspires me! I was just surfing on Youtube the other night and came across this interview with her. Just the way she sees life is so cool to me. I'm on a mission to dress like her now! lol Check it out!

Peace and Love,



Belated Birthday Wishes...

Two of my best friends have celebrated their birthdays during the past couple weeks and I wanted to wish them both terrific and peaceful years.
Suzanne is my crazy friend! I love her for it :)
-We both have an obsession with Irish and Scottish men.
- She wants to get an Irish cross tattoo
-We have special dates on Friday nights at the Metro and Double T diners
-Our all-time favorite song is "Happiness is a warm gun" (Across the Universe version)
-She is my driver most nights
-We pass notes to each other in school that are filled with song lyrics
-One of my favorite memories is from when we were on our way downtown on a Friday night and we screamed the lyrics to "Hey, Jude" in the car
Alyssa and I have been through everything together. We have both been through difficult situations but have gotten through them together.
-Her favorite color is yellow
-Favorite movie is "Dirty Dancing"
-She is an awesome dancer
-I squeezed the life out of her hand when I went and got my cartilage pierced
-She is the only one of my girlfriends who has seen me without make up on
-We went to the outer banks the day after Christmas
-For my 17th birthday she got me a professional photo shoot
-She read me a speech for my birthday that made me cry in public (first time that has ever happened)
-We have Bible studies together at lunch
-People mix us up all the time
-We both have a thing for a song called "Lazy Eye"

I am so thankful for these girls! I have had some of the best times ever with them! I they both have fun and exciting years! Thanks for being my friends gals, you're the best!

Lots of love,


Strawberry Cake Sunday...

We are still snowed in! While eneryone was out today shoveling snow (I couldn't help much because my back is killing me) I made a strawberry cake. I think it's one of my favorite flavors and I love the color of it! I basically lived off this cake when I had my wisdom teeth removed :) It was fun to do some baking (even though most of it came in a box).

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday night!

Peace and Love,