Random Foodies...

I found all of these on my memory card. Don't they just make you hungry??

Peace and Love,



I hope that everyone is having a lovely Thursday! Instead of going on about all the stress and business of life I thought that I would share some parts of my day that made me smile.

*I woke up to a large iced coffee and a box full of Boston Cream Donuts.
*Somehow my scramble for an outfit today turned into a success.
*My time in the car was spent with The Civil Wars, Bon Jovi, and Adele.
*My snack today was some delicious strawberries.
*I fell in love with and got even more camera apps for my iPod. I'm so smitten.
*Sipping on a cold glass of Black Raspberry Water.
*I have a Sonic date in the works.
*Tonight's American Idol and a new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

What was good about your day?

Peace and Love,


3/28/2012 In Pictures...

1. Mornings are always better when they involve coffee.
2. First bloom on the lilac bush.
3. Workin' on my fitness.
4. Getting lost in the pages of "Catching Fire."
5. What it takes to look pretty.
6. Black Raspberry water on ice.

Peace and Love,


A Little Bit Of Lenny...

He's one of the coolest guys around. Just sayin'. He was my favorite thing about The Hunger Games.

Peace and Love,


10 Things I LOVE...

1. Beautiful big floor cushion from Big Birds Boutique.
2. Head Scarfs. I am longing for the day when my hair is long enough to pull this off.
3. Cherry Blossoms. I love this time of year when DC is full of this beauties.
4. Adore this shot Katie took at her local ice cream parlor.
5. These DIY rainbow wooden spoons are super cool!
6. "Songs From District 12 and Beyond." Go. Listen. Now. It's SO good!
7. I would love to make some of these retro sheets with pom pom trim! Super cute!
8. "Lead Balloon" by Rosi Golan. I have had a really good week in terms of finding good music and this record is just perfect!
9. Chevron ring set from ASOS. Could it get any better than this?
10. This lipstick from Topshop is adorable. Favorite color is "Clueless."

Peace and Love,


The Sun Is Shining...

Today was also a great day for mail!!!!
Frist, my polka dot and chevron tape from Etsy arrived! Doesn't it just make you happy?!!

Then my birthday card came from Anthropologie. This is one of the best things that I get in the mail each year. Their cards are always so cute and inventive. And this year in addition to my birthday discount I also got a little bracelet that says "It's Me Time!" How adorable is that?

Finally, you all need to listen to "Can't Go Back" by Rosi Golan. I heard it last night on "The Vampire Diaries" and downloaded it right away. Even as I am typing this I have it on repeat.

Peace and Love,


3/22/2012 in Instagrams...

2. Van Halen Tee.
3. Finishing "The Hunger Games."
4. Blossoms on the trees.
5. Messy pigtails.
7. Lemonade from Chik-fil-a.

Peace and Love,


A Little Bit Of Rain...

Sometimes rainy days are just dreamy.

Peace and Love,


First Day Of Spring 2012...

How was your first day of Spring? Mine started out with some rain but eventually the sun came out and everything was beautiful. I tasted my first Raspberries of the year (which were divine) and I also spent the majority of the day with my nose in a book. Spring brings so much fun with it and I can't wait to dive in!

Peace and Love,


Let's Talk...

... about how in love I am with Jason Mraz's new song "I Won't Give Up!" I can't stop listening to it; it's addicting. Oh and I love his voice!! If you haven't hear it yet here are two Great videos of him performing it! So go buy it!!! Right. Now.

Peace and Love,


10 Things I LOVE...

1. I adore this print by Devon Smith.
2. I wish I could wear a bathing suit like this! It's gorge!
3. I dream of going to places like this.
4. Elsie and Emma's flavored lemonades look so divine!
5. Down Like Silver's single "Wolves." So beautiful.
6. Mustache mug from Urban Outfitters. One day I will own one :)
7. James' wedding jams. Such a cute idea. I love the gold hearts!
8. This funky journals from Inky Co. would be a dream to write in.
9. Love the set-up of Red Velvet. Especially smitten with the bubble lights.
10. Gwyneth Paltrow's layered bracelets, chunky rings, and cool necklaces. She wears them a lot but this best picture I could find.

Peace and Love,