Some Days...

Some days...   

are just meant for enjoying a Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar. 

Peace and Love, 



Today I wore my favorite aviator shades and a pretty dress from Italy. I finished one great book and started another. And I got to see a glimpse of God's beauty in a new bloom. 
How was your day? 

Peace and Love,


A Little Love For Moonrise Kingdom...

 Every time I see a trailer for this movie I get so excited. The whole thing just looks like an absolute dream to me complete with the perfect setting of the 60s. I am especially in love with Kara Hayward's dresses and makeup in it! Not to mention the fact that Jason Schwartzman is in it, LOVE him!! And  if all of those things didn't do it for you the plot is all summed up by "A pair of young lovers flee their New England town, which causes a local search party to fan out and find them." Oh my, I cannot wait to see this movie. Looks like Wes has made a gem.       

p.s. I also stumbled upon this board inspired by the movie! So many 60s things!! 

Peace and Love, 



The past couple of days I have been feeling pretty sick. A lot of bad headaches and nausea. You know, the works. I had a bunch of errands to run today but when I've been home it's been a lot of cat naps, HGTV, and listening to Maroon 5's new album. Have you heard it?? So goooood.

Peace and Love,


Back To My Own Bed...

This weekend was very busy. My grandparents came to stay which meant that Maddie and I were kicked out of our rooms. One night I slept down in the basement and the other was spent on the couch. Both left me tangled up and uncomfortable. Needless to say I am thankful to be back in my own bed. We did have a good weekend visiting! All of us gals went out for a day of shopping where I picked up a fun sundress from Target and a couple little things at Marshall's. We drank a lot of sweet tea and watched a lot of baseball. It was a nice little weekend with family.

Peace and Love,


10 Things I LOVE...

1. This photo of Elijah Wood.  
2. Peonies. My favorite flower ever.  
3. Keira Knightley's beautiful embroidered Valentino and her flower headband.  
4. This lampshade made out of vintage slides.   
5. Summer readings lists. I love seeing what books people are talking about!  
6. Chelsea's instagram's from her wedding. Looks beautiful!   
7. The glittering cambers headband from Anthropologie. I am dying over it!   
8. This neon pink drawstring handbag from Target. I almost bought it yesterday but bailed out. It's so so  cute! 
9. Frozen lemonade from Panera.  
10. "The Hangman's Daughter." This book is so good, I can't put it down.  

Peace and Love,



 Have spent most of my day since coming home from work, cleaning, drinking sweet tea, and jammin' to Ms. Florence. 

Peace and Love, 


Life Lately In Instagrams...


1. A beautiful night in downtown DC.  2. The best lemon-lime soda at Founding Farmers. 
3. Mom's red velvet birthday cake.  4. Bowie.  
5. Rainy days here and there.  6. Lots and lots of journaling. 
7. Supporting my team.  8. 3D movie with my sister. 
9. Cherry Garcia. My favorite EVER!  10. Letting in the sunshine. 
11. Surrounded by lots of pretty fabric.  12. Watching every episode of Wilfred. 
13. An old photo for Father's day.  14. Our second birthday cake of the month, this time for dad. 
15. My favorite wall in my room right now.  16. Yummy frozen lemonades at work.  

Peace and Love, 


Happy Late B Day Sir Paul...

In honor of Sir Paul's Birthday.  
What a man. I dream of sharing a pot of tea with him some day. Until next year... 

Peace and Love, 



Today is my Dad's birthday. I hope that his day was wonderful and that he has many more delightful years ahead of him. Love ya dad!

Peace and Love,


10 Things I LOVE...

1. The wedding collection lookbook from Littledoe. Just gorgeous!!  
2. This pretty paper camera from Urban Outfitters.   
3. Anne Hathaway's sunglasses in "One Day." Envious!  
4. Jennifer's adorable cupcake holder banner.  
5. Love, Love, Love these DIY envelopes and basically everything else on the Fellow Fellow blog.  
6. These ruffle aprons from Meg's craft weekend just make me so happy.   
7. Fun pot holders from House 8110.   
8. Elsie's sweet handmade coffee mugs.   
9. A dreamy inspiration board from Flowerchild.  
10. Katie's self-portrait made out of her instagram photos. So darn cool!! 

Peace and Love, 

Good Friends, Good Food...

 Last night I finally got to see my dear friend Tara for the first time since I went down south. We would normally see each other at least two days a week during the school year so it's weird going a long time without hanging out. We went out to the arts district in Hyattsville and had dinner at "Busboys + Poets." What a cool place! Oh, and the food was so good! (Thanks Kristen for your recommendation!) Afterwards we drove to Annapolis and did some shopping and got yummy frozen yogurt. So good to catch up with one of my favorite gals and have some really yummy food!! 

Peace and Love, 


A Few Little Things...

Here are a few little things that made me happy today: 

* Pretty gold polka dot journals from Target. *

* A new order of beautiful fabrics arriving in the mail. *

* Large Sweet Tea from McDonalds. This is crack to me.* 

* My favorite wall in my room. *

Peace and Love,