Where's All The Holiday Cheer Gone...

I can't believe Christmas is over. It seems like everything went by so fast. Next year I plan on doing a bundle of Christmas activities during the season to make Christmas last as long as possible! Hope you all are enjoying your last couple of days with all the lights and decorations up :) Our tree will remain up for months :)

Love to everybody,



Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas!

Peace and Love,



Snow, Snow, Snow.....

Last Saturday we had our first snow of the year! It was so pretty. I felt like I was inside a snowglobe :) Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday getting ready for the holidays!

Peace and Love,



Annapolis State House...

Hey Y'all! I hope that everyone has been having afantastic weekend getting all ready for the holidays! We had our first snow of the year yesterday!! I'll be sure to post some pictures later :) Friday night I went oust with some girlfriends to a sushi bar for dinner and then we were off to sing with our choir at the State House in Annapolis. It was really pretty and just the thing that I needed to get me in the mood for christmas!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday night!

Peace and Love,



Metro Diner...

The past couple Friday nights my girlfriends and I have been going to the Metro Diner in Annapolis for dinner.

The food there is great!! They have the most amazing Belgian Waffles and the coffee is really good too! It's a cute little place to hang out with all the retro and modern decor. If you're bored on a Friday night now you know where to go. I hope everyone has a great weekend! If you haven't seen "New Moon" go!! It's really great!

Peace and Love,



Trick Or Treat...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!
I'm dressing up as Dorothy this Halloween! Everyone stay safe and have a great night eating candy and watching scary movies! Happy Trick or Treating!

Peace and Love,




Monday some girlfriends and I went to see my favorite band in the whole wide world...HANSON!! It was my third time seeing the brothers and it was probably the best show ever!! It was at Ram's Head live in Baltimore which is an ultra cool venue!! Hellogoodbye opened for them and they were great! They sang a song called "Oh, It Is Love" and I haven't stopped listening to it all week! Of course Hanson was amazing! Taylor has amazing hair, Zac an amazing smile, and Ike has the skills on the guitar. They have always been my biggest inspiration and it always makes me sad when one of their shows ends because I know it will probably be another 2 years until I see them again :( Anyway, the set list was great! They did stuff from "A minute without you" to "I'll Carry you there." And of course they did Mmmbop! This weekend I will be working on papers for school but hopefully I will have some time to do something Fall-like! Have a great weekend! And remember to use your sole!! Here's how I started off my Friday night:Peace and Love,



Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger...

I spent my Friday night with three of my best friends (one being my sister!) We went to see our girls soccer team play and then had dinner at "Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger." It was such a fun night. Glad I can finally sleep in tomorrow!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! I love fall evenings!

Peace and Love,



Empire State Of Mind...

Been listening to Jay-z's new song "Empire State Of Mind." It's a perfect New York song. I'm wishing I was having dinner in central park and then later walking the city with friends. Just random thoughts. Happy Tuesday Night everybody!

Peace and Love,



Will I Ever Feel Better...

Hey guys! I've been pretty out of it lately. I've been sick since Tuesday with a fever, sore throat, and eyes that are burning like fire! It has been awful :( I've been so stressed with all the work I have to make up. My best friend has been great by leaving me videos everyday of her singing some of my favorite songs from my favorite musical, Hairspray!! Weekends really suck when you have to stay at home. We did take a trip to Ikea yesterday where I got some darling little lamps for my bedroom and a table for next to my bed that I can keep my books on:) Anyway, just wanted to check in and hope that everyone has a great Sunday and a great start to their week! I'm really sad today because it is the last day of Orioles baseball for the season :( Let's hope they win today and the same for the Ravens!

Peace and Love,




On Friday some friends came over and we had our very first Efron-athon! We all are pretty big fans of Zac Efron and so we decided to do something about it!! We started off by making t-shirts:This was so much fun! We put song lyrics from High School Musical and Hairspray and then I had everyone sign mine along with writing their favorite Zac quote from a movie! We did all this while belting out to the Hairspray and High School Musical 1, 2, and 3 soundtracks.
We then ate cookies in the shape of hearts for Zac. Then we all picked our favorite parts of his movies and watched them! It was a great time with friends! We hope to make it a monthly thing now and have even come up with our own secret signal :) Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great monday to start off their week!

Peace and Love,



I'm So Tired....

Yay! Fall is finally here. I used to not be a very big fan of it but I think it has grown on me :) School Has been So crazy these past few weeks that I have barely had time for anything. There is so much music that I have been wanting to listen to and books that I have been dying to read but there are just not enough hours in the day. I hope that everyone has been having a good week. I'm so thankful that tomorrow is Thursday because that means there is only one more day until Friday! Whoo Hoo!!!

Peace and Love,



A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Over the summer I have fallen in love with some new stuff. I decided to list it all so that I can remember all the wonderful things that I have been introduced to or reaquainted with this summer...

1. Orange Juice (I have it at least twice a day and normally with every meal)

2. Old Judy Garland Movies

3. Skirts and Tights (I have decided this will be my new fall look!)

4. Flowers in my hair

5. Used book stores (I still think that Capitol Hill Books is my favorite of the summer but the Book Thing of Baltimore rocks too!)

6. LA Ink (Always been a fan but I have been particularly inspired by Kat Von D lately.)

7. Ferris Wheels

8. Jamie Bell (He has been my summer crush!)

9. Happy Anniversay Nail Polish by OPI

10. Hippie chicks who double as rockers ( i.e. Ann and Nancy Wilson, Stevie Nicks)

11. Baking homemade cup cakes

12. Black eye liner and red lipstick

13. Wearing tons on bracelets

14. Orioles games at night with my daddy as my date and a lemonade and "O" pretzel in my hand.

15. Taking pictures

16. Tweeting ;)

17. Blue Cheese and Bacon burgers

18. Musicals

19. Zac Efron (despite my hesitation at first I have fallen for him)

20. Cuddling up in a blanket and reading during the afternoon with the breeze of the fan going

21. Phone calls to TN

22. The smell of the ocean

23. Lighting incense

24. Laugh with me Lee Lee Perfume

25. Chats with my sister in her room

26. F. Scott Fitzgerlad Novels

27. Late Night 30 Rock Marathons

28. Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon making me laugh out loud

29. Trips to Jammin Java

30. The excitement of finding the perfect little dress

31. Reading the Rockstar Diaries blog and being inspired to try so many new things!

32. Psych marathons with Sarah along with pineapple juice and big umbrellas!

So there it is...some of my favorite things this summer! I have been so blessed and have been amazed by God's love and grace this summer! I hope that I can continue to be adventurous and try a bunch of new things during the school year. Here's to what was a great summer!

Peace and Love,



Ocean City And Fried Oreos....

Since we never really had a chance to go on a proper vacation this summer we spent Friday in Ocean City, MD! I had so much fun!! It started out with a trip to the Kite Loft, an old favorite of ours where we would stop on every trip to the beach. Needless to say it ended in me trying on a variety of crazy hats!! Oh and then I found some puppets :) And my sister and I tried on some pretty sweet glasses.

After that we went to lunch at another favorite of ours! The "Brass Balls Bar and Grill." Following lunch we walked the board walk and did some shopping and then headed to the carnival on the beach!! It was my first time on a ferris wheel and I loved it (once I opened my eyes!) Haha dad and I had so much fun on all the rides!! It was a blast!!

On our way out we walked down the dock and had an impromptu photo shoot!!

We ended the day with a delicious lemonade and some fried oreos!! The best things in the world!! I have a new favorite guilty pleasure :) So yummy!!

Anyway I am going to make the most of my last day of summer tomorrow! I will be back soon with a lit of my favorite things of the summer!!

Peace and Love,



Moving On...

I've been trying to get my mind off of a lot of things lately so I have been trying to keep busy. First off on Sunday I made chocolate and cherry cupcakes which I was very pleased with :) Wednesday was a work party to say goodbye to my good friend Christa. She is basically the only person who I have been able to share my Hanson obsession with. Her and her hubbie are getting ready to move to NYC so she can finish up college at Columbia :) It was a really fun party at which we played games that had to do with guessing some of our grossest patients at the office and testing the boys on their knowledge of our crazy work place. It was also my mom's first try at sushi which she is now addicted to!! (This pic of Christa and I is from a Hanson concert in DC in 2007) Thursday I went to go and see good friend and amazing musician Todd Wright do his first solo show in a long time at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. It was fantastic and Todd did a great job as usual :) It was really nice to hear some of his unreleased material again. Finally today we went down to the Eastern Market in DC! It was great! I have been hunting for the best used bookstore for a while and right now Capital Hill Books is at the top of the list. It's wall to wall books and although the appearance looks cluttered it's organized and there is something beautiful in all the chaos. I picked up a book that I have been wanting for a long time in hardback and pretty good condition :) Overall it was a great day!Here's me with my lemonade from Port City Java and my newly purchased book!! I want to thank everyone who has been keeping us in their prayers. All the comments and thoughts I have received have really been helpful! Hope everyone has had a great weekend. And is energized to go into a new week of exploring God's beautiful creation!

Peace and Love,



I Will Love You Forever...

My dog Meg hasn't been feeling very well lately. We have tried all that we could to take care of her at home. Yesterday she was horrible. She couldn't walk, wouldn't eat, and even didn't mind me kissing her all over her face (something she normally can't stand.) We knew that we would have to take her to the vet. Later on last night she seemed to be back to her old self and even this morning she seemed pretty fine. We took her to the vet just to she if there was anything we could do to make her get all the way back to normal.

As I write this I am crying my eyes out and my heart is breaking. At about six thirty tonight I will tell Meg I love her one last time, give her a final kiss, and see her cute little eyes just before they close. What we thought was simply allergies turned out to be cancer. She has a mass bigger than a softball inside of her. The doctor said that even with 1,000 dollar surgeries she still wouldn't have a good chance.

It's funny how pets become so valuable to humans. Some may laugh it off but she was my older sister. I don't know how I am going to get used to the fact that I won't have to get up when she comes into my room crying because she has to go to the bathroom, or that I am not gonna be able to rub her belly like she would want me to when she would come up and put her paw on my knee.

I guess I don't really know how to react because I have never lost anything this close to me. I know that the Lord chose this to be her time. I can't stand thinking of her being in pain. I ask only for prayer that I and the rest of my family will be ok.

Meg, you were the best. I couldn't of asked for a better dog. I am going to miss everything about you. The way you smelled like corn chips, how cute it was when you would stick your tongue out just a little bit, how much you just loved daddy but it bothered you when I kissed you. You will be with us forever. I love you.

Peace and Love,



I Can Hear The Bells...

Saturday I went to see my girlfriend Kristen get married to her longtime love, Bryce. It was a beautiful wedding with a beach theme. It was the first time that I had ever seen orange bridesmaid dresses and they look amazing. It was great to see theme finally tie the knot (they have been in love forever!). So here's to you Kristen and Bryce. I hope that you have a long life together filled with love for one and another and for the Lord.Hope that everyone has an amazing Thursday! I'm stoked for a new LA Ink tonight :)

Peace and Love,



Happy Weekend!

Last weekend my sister blew out her birthday candles and turned another year older :) We spent Saturday at my grandparents in Winchester, VA. In the historic district of downtown they have some of the cutest little buildings. So after a delicious lunch at Brewbakers (the BBQ Pork sandwich was amazing!) we walked along the mall and I took some photos.I Hope that everyone has a fun and beautiful weekend!    

Peace and Love,



Wishing I was sitting at the Harbor with a good book, my ipod set on my Heart playlist and a big glass of OJ watching the dragon boats. 

Peace and Love,