Daisy Chains...

I finally finished my Summer playlist and I wanted to share it with you! Happy Tuesday!

1. "Strawberry Swing"- Coldplay

2. "Harvest Moon"- Neil Young

3. "You Always Hurt The One You Love"- Kyle Huntington

4. "Permanent Honeymoon"- Sweet Thing

5. "Silver Lining"- Rilo Kiley

6. "Cold Feet"- Liam Finn

7. "Dreams"- Fleetwood Mac

8. "Breakfast In Bed"- Train

9. "I Believe"- Stevie Wonder

10. "Bruises"- Chairlift

11. "Go Outside"- Cults

12. "I Miss You"- Leftover Cuties

13. "Oh, It Is Love"- Hellogoodbye

14. "Big Wave"- Jenny and Johnny

15. "Penny and Me"- Hanson

16. "Adored"- Getaway Car

17. "Daydreamer"- David Cassidy

18. "I'll Be Your Song"- Heart

Peace and Love,


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