I have mentioned on the blog that I am working an internship but have never really gone into any detail about it. I have done a few internships in the past but the one I am involved with now is by far the best! I am currently interning at Bayside Bride. It's a blog based in Annapolis that focuses on nautical weddings around the Eastern Shore area. The blog is awesome but the best part is that I am loving what I am doing! I've finally had that moment where I said to myself "this is the career that I want." Maybe not wedding blogging specifically but blogging, and writing, and curating beautiful, inspirational photos. And of course I love all of the social media work! 
So that's all. I just wanted to fill you in a little on what's going on with me. Check out Bayside's website and see all of the fun & inspirational things that we are doing over there! 

Peace and Love, 


  1. Very nice! So glad you had the ah-ha moment! Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous photo btw!

  2. That picture is so beautiful!! What an exciting time for you - I will definitely be checking out their page to see what you've been writing :)

    1. Aw, thanks Meghan! I really appreciate it!

  3. Very cool and I'm very PROUD of you, Em!!! Love what you do and the rest will follow, that's always been my mantra.
    Love you,


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