10 Things I LOVE: Valentine's Edition...

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1. Shirley Temple's.  2. A fun banner!  3. Loving these sparkly cake toppers.  4. Raspberry shortbread.  5.  Cheri  Cocktail Napkins from Anthropologie.  6. Diggin' this blush pink and gold combo.  7. Lovely Linzer Cookies.  8. Conversation Heart Balloons.  9. Gorgeous lipsticks to wear on V-day!  10. How cute are these hair pins?!   

Peace and Love, 


  1. i really love those cocktail napkins! they look like they've been screen printed which is giving me some great ideas because i am taking a screen printing basics class this week. i am so excited! i just might do something similar with my design. good list!

  2. This makes me so happy. I love Valentines Day, and this seriously is just the sweetest little list of likes :) Lovely, lovely.

  3. gosh...valentines day is such a fun little holiday. how can you not appreciate a day that celebrates love?? :)

    really loving the idea of sealing a letter with a kiss. so cute.

  4. I love all these photos...especially the balloons :) Happy early vanentines day!

  5. All of these are just great picks for Valentine's Day! :)
    xo TJ



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