10 Things I LOVE...

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1. Coconut Iced Coffee.  2. Bright Orange Starfish.  3. Adventure is all around us.  4. This print is so fun!  5. Oh, so true.  6. I am all about embroidery these days.  7. Pink Palace.  8. Lovely as always.  9. Such a cool idea for a photo background.  10. Nothing better than fresh flowers!! 

Peace and Love, 


  1. Can I just say that I love your blog? I just discovered it and I think I'm hooked :D These 10 things I love posts are especially great. Xx Eline (rainnylondon.blogspot.nl)

  2. um coconut iced coffee? this sounds like the most delicious coffee beverage. i've never thought to add flavor shots when i grab a coffee, but i just might have to try this! i really like the pink print as well. i've seen these prints before and wanted to try my hand at creating something similar. it's such a good idea for cute, cheap artwork for the walls. great list as always, my dear!


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