Reading // Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I know I'm a little late to the game but I am determined to read the entire Harry Potter series this Fall! 

Listening to // Thirty Seconds to Mars, the Civil Wars, & Jack White just to name a few. 

Feeling Thankful // For all of life's different seasons and the start of new chapters. 

Thinking About // Blogging. I am working on some big and exciting things for my little internet space but at the same time I am also feeling drained and uninspired. I know as bloggers we all go through this ebb and flow but I am really racking my brain trying to think about things to write about. 

Eating // Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn. This stuff is addicting and dangerous to have around. I also enjoyed a pumpkin chai latte last week that was divine!! 

Watching // My sister and I watched The Fault in Our Stars this week. It was beautiful and just like the book and I cried my eyes out. 

Bummed out on // The fact that summer is officially over but I am also looking forward to fall and sweaters and pumpkin flavored everything!!

Loving // The fact that the Orioles are going to the Play-offs and that they're the A.L. East Champions! If you didn't know already, I am a huge baseball fan. And after 14 years of losing seasons I am so excited that Baltimore is doing so well!!  

Peace and Love, 


  1. YES! You are going to LOVE Harry Potter. Oh my. The first couple books are just like the movies, but after that they are SO intense and detailed. It's on my list to read again.

    And that popcorn is SO addicting. I don't normally like bagged popcorn, but that stuff is so yum.

    Also, I completely hear you about feeling uninspired. It's hard sometimes to be creative and unique, but also keep people's interest. *sigh* I think you do a great job though! I'm always interested in what you post!

  2. your currently lists are my faaaave. (and just so you know, jenna from dearest love blog is doing a currently link up this wednesday. join!!) i have only read like the first two HP books, but they were so good! i just stopped reading them and haven't picked them back up. you may have inspired me to start them again. and i have been not feeling very bloggy lately either. inspiration comes and goes. i think i need to power through this absence though and get back into it. yay for fall and new chapters in our lives! fall always makes me feel inspired and happy and motivated. i mean, i was motivated to clean our apartment yesterday. that is a BIG deal. :-)

  3. White cheddar popcorn!! If my laziness wasn't winning me over, I'd probably drive to the store to buy some of that stuff right now :)

  4. Feeling unispired is dreadful, I feel it too often :((


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