Moving On...

I've been trying to get my mind off of a lot of things lately so I have been trying to keep busy. First off on Sunday I made chocolate and cherry cupcakes which I was very pleased with :) Wednesday was a work party to say goodbye to my good friend Christa. She is basically the only person who I have been able to share my Hanson obsession with. Her and her hubbie are getting ready to move to NYC so she can finish up college at Columbia :) It was a really fun party at which we played games that had to do with guessing some of our grossest patients at the office and testing the boys on their knowledge of our crazy work place. It was also my mom's first try at sushi which she is now addicted to!! (This pic of Christa and I is from a Hanson concert in DC in 2007) Thursday I went to go and see good friend and amazing musician Todd Wright do his first solo show in a long time at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. It was fantastic and Todd did a great job as usual :) It was really nice to hear some of his unreleased material again. Finally today we went down to the Eastern Market in DC! It was great! I have been hunting for the best used bookstore for a while and right now Capital Hill Books is at the top of the list. It's wall to wall books and although the appearance looks cluttered it's organized and there is something beautiful in all the chaos. I picked up a book that I have been wanting for a long time in hardback and pretty good condition :) Overall it was a great day!Here's me with my lemonade from Port City Java and my newly purchased book!! I want to thank everyone who has been keeping us in their prayers. All the comments and thoughts I have received have really been helpful! Hope everyone has had a great weekend. And is energized to go into a new week of exploring God's beautiful creation!

Peace and Love,


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