A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Over the summer I have fallen in love with some new stuff. I decided to list it all so that I can remember all the wonderful things that I have been introduced to or reaquainted with this summer...

1. Orange Juice (I have it at least twice a day and normally with every meal)

2. Old Judy Garland Movies

3. Skirts and Tights (I have decided this will be my new fall look!)

4. Flowers in my hair

5. Used book stores (I still think that Capitol Hill Books is my favorite of the summer but the Book Thing of Baltimore rocks too!)

6. LA Ink (Always been a fan but I have been particularly inspired by Kat Von D lately.)

7. Ferris Wheels

8. Jamie Bell (He has been my summer crush!)

9. Happy Anniversay Nail Polish by OPI

10. Hippie chicks who double as rockers ( i.e. Ann and Nancy Wilson, Stevie Nicks)

11. Baking homemade cup cakes

12. Black eye liner and red lipstick

13. Wearing tons on bracelets

14. Orioles games at night with my daddy as my date and a lemonade and "O" pretzel in my hand.

15. Taking pictures

16. Tweeting ;)

17. Blue Cheese and Bacon burgers

18. Musicals

19. Zac Efron (despite my hesitation at first I have fallen for him)

20. Cuddling up in a blanket and reading during the afternoon with the breeze of the fan going

21. Phone calls to TN

22. The smell of the ocean

23. Lighting incense

24. Laugh with me Lee Lee Perfume

25. Chats with my sister in her room

26. F. Scott Fitzgerlad Novels

27. Late Night 30 Rock Marathons

28. Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon making me laugh out loud

29. Trips to Jammin Java

30. The excitement of finding the perfect little dress

31. Reading the Rockstar Diaries blog and being inspired to try so many new things!

32. Psych marathons with Sarah along with pineapple juice and big umbrellas!

So there it is...some of my favorite things this summer! I have been so blessed and have been amazed by God's love and grace this summer! I hope that I can continue to be adventurous and try a bunch of new things during the school year. Here's to what was a great summer!

Peace and Love,


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