Monday some girlfriends and I went to see my favorite band in the whole wide world...HANSON!! It was my third time seeing the brothers and it was probably the best show ever!! It was at Ram's Head live in Baltimore which is an ultra cool venue!! Hellogoodbye opened for them and they were great! They sang a song called "Oh, It Is Love" and I haven't stopped listening to it all week! Of course Hanson was amazing! Taylor has amazing hair, Zac an amazing smile, and Ike has the skills on the guitar. They have always been my biggest inspiration and it always makes me sad when one of their shows ends because I know it will probably be another 2 years until I see them again :( Anyway, the set list was great! They did stuff from "A minute without you" to "I'll Carry you there." And of course they did Mmmbop! This weekend I will be working on papers for school but hopefully I will have some time to do something Fall-like! Have a great weekend! And remember to use your sole!! Here's how I started off my Friday night:Peace and Love,


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