Calling All Thrifters...

I live in the wrong place for someone who loves good thrift store finds. We have our share of Goodwills and Salvation Army's but they never seem to carry any gems. I am on a constant search for vintage decor and around this time of year I am in need of vintage ornaments. I started collecting pink vintage glass ornaments about 2 years ago and probably have 20 pieces in my collection. It is so hard to find ornaments like this at a decent price. I see fellow bloggers who live in Kansas or Missouri come home with boxes of this stuff and they only spend a few bucks. If you're lucky enough to find vintage ornaments around here, they cost an arm and a leg. All that to say I guess I need to move down south. That or I need to find myself a thrifty friend who knows where all the deals are. 

Peace and Love, 

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  1. Yeah...the south rocks.... more jobs, lower cost of living, kind folk, and great weather....all that coming from a true chicagoan....

    I foung great stuff back home...but the thrifting here seems to be even better...I think the south is a little more nostalgic...


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