Coffee & Wind...

One thing that has become so clear to me these past couple of days is how much I love and cherish my morning coffee time. It's the only time that I have by myself when everyone else is at work or is still asleep. I just get to read my Bible and meditate while I sip on my hot cup of joe and sit with the dog. It's also really the only time that I get to catch up on shows and watch the tv that I want :) I just love this time in the morning. I get to relax and read my blogs, make plans, and clear my head...
In other news, these past couple of days have been so windy here! And when I say windy I mean creepy wind noises  coming through the window like in horror movies windy.  It's so funny to walk around campus and see everyone blowing around, myself included. I do hate driving in this wind though. It's scary!! 

Peace and Love, 

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