Nothing But Rain...

We are all a little disappointed over here. First we were told that we would be getting 5-6 inches of snow and then it was 2-4. We ended up getting nothing. NOTHING! A little flurry would come down every once and a while- it was still dreamy. However, we did get a TON of rain. It's still pouring. Most places were closed today so I have been able to enjoy doing lots of reading and snuggling with the pup. It has just been a nice, cozy day at home and I have loved every minute of it!   

Peace and Love, 

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  1. My folks got a foot of snow in Chicago!
    I love cozy days at home. I think I'm getting old because I don't like to leave the house...or does that make me an agoraphobic. Hmm..not sure...:)
    Just kidding. I like to leave the house sometimes...when it involves shopping or dinner!


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