This & That...

Okay, so I know that I haven't been doing a ton of regular posts lately. And yes, many of the ones I have done haven't been super creative. Lately I have had so much school work and I just frankly haven't made the time to work on the blog. But in a week or so I will be all finished with this semester of school and plan on working on some cool posts :) Here are just a few little shots of things that have been going on lately. I finally ordered Justin Timberlake's album on vinyl! It is just such a great record and so fun for Summer!! Give me that, some fresh fruit, and a little time with the pup and I am good to go. 

Peace and Love, 


  1. The end of spring semesters is always the hardest I find, it's a struggle to sit down and study when the sun is shinning,

  2. Definitely Alli! I am so ready for Summer vacation that I am about to burst!!

  3. No worries mate...we miss you...but, we know you'er busy! ;)


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