First Day...

Yesterday marked the beginning of another year of college for me. I am on a new campus, experiencing new things, and I get to share some of it with my sister! And even though school isn't my favorite thing, I do love pretty school supplies! This year I got all of my gear at Target and found some really cute things. I especially love my floral portfolio and my colorful notebooks. Here's to another successful semester! 

Peace and Love, 


  1. Good luck on your new semester, I always thought the best thing about school was buying supplies.
    What are you taking in school?

    1. Thanks, Alli! I am a journalism/communications major and this semester I am taking a computer tech course, business and it's environment, a poetry workshop, and my college algebra. I am not at all good at math so that is the course that I am worried about the most! I do love my poetry course though :)


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