Summer Favorites 2013...

It's that time of year again- time for summer favorites! 

1. My day trip to NYC! It was such a fun day in the city with friends. 
2. My favorite album of the summer would have to be Anthem by Hanson, with The Civil Wars coming in a close second. 
3. One of my favorite things about summer is all of the time that I get to spend reading. I went to the library so much this summer and crossed a handful of books off of my reading list.  
4. I worked out almost every night this summer. It was nice to just listen to my music while working on my fitness. 
5. I was able to go and see my good friend, Todd Wright, perform at "Acoustic on the Green" in August. This was a fabulous night! 
6. I started getting back to writing. It has made me feel so good and I am really proud of the pieces that I wrote this summer. 
7. Seeing Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was so surreal and a definite check off of my bucket list. 
8. The vscocam app has to be my favorite app of the summer. I used it to edit all of my photos! 
9. My trip to Nashville was such a blast! I had so much fun with my family and it was awesome to start familiarizing myself with the city that I hope to move to next year. 
10. Joey Graceffa. I watched so many youtube vlogs this summer but this boy and his videos have to be my favorite! 
11. Coconut Cupcakes. Whenever I let myself have something sweet this summer it was most likely a coconut cupcake. Divine! 
12. Starbucks- another one of my downfalls. My drink of choice this summer was an iced vanilla latte. 
13. I made it a priority to give myself some "me time" every day to try to relax and meditate. This is something that my therapist suggested I do and I think that it has really helped me. I hope to keep this going throughout my semester of school. 
14. I loved looking at Forever21's instagram and seeing all of their "look of the day" and "what's in my bag" posts. 
15. Crape myrtles. They are just gorgeous and will forever remind me of beach houses. 
16. Jack Reacher. This has to be my favorite movie that I watched this summer. It was SO good! 
17. Late night conversations in our hotel room with family are definitely high on my list of favorite summer memories. 
18. I started watching Sex & the City. 
19. I have connected with so many lovely bloggers and started following some beautiful blogs this summer. 
20. I spent a wonderful day at the beach with friends. 
21. Pinterest. I spent entirely too much time on pinterest this summer but I also stumbled upon so many things that have inspired me. 
22. Brian Roberts is back. I didn't watch the Orioles as much as I wanted to this summer but I am thrilled that my boy, B-rob, is back in the game.  
23. The smell of sunscreen. Bobbi Brown's Beach constantly reminds me of this summer. 
24. Flip flops from Old Navy in all of their beautiful colors. I wore mine all summer long! 
25. HGTV. I watched a lot of HGTV this summer. Design Star is one of my summer staples. 

And there you have it, my favorite things from this summer! 
What were some of your favorite things? I would love to know :)

Peace and Love, 


  1. Wow, looks like you've had one amazing summer. I love sharing in all your joys


    1. You are too sweet, Alli! It was a pretty great Summer!

  2. @Aubrey- I am so sorry, I accidentally hit delete on your comment without meaning to. I have most recently been reading the "Delirium" series by Lauren Oliver and have loved it!

    1. No sweat at all Emma. :) I've heard some great things about that series, including from YA authors who loved it. I think I have it in my to-read but I'll have to check. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Of course! Any books that you can recommend that I should read? I always love suggestions!


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