Reading: I am trying to make a conscious effort to make time to read for my own personal enjoyment in between reading for college. Last week I started Everyday Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis. I am not very far into it but so far my eyes have been opened to so much! It's so sad to see church attendance declining so heavily and this book offers a lot of great ideas for demonstrating Christ to those who don't attend a service on Sundays. 

Listening To: A whole lot of stuff! I have fallen in love with Keane all over again and have been listening to their newer records a lot lately. Also, the new EP by The Colourist is pretty brilliant. Lately I have really been loving my Rhapsody App and the fact that I can just download and save a ton of albums to listen to. I have a lot of stuff in my queue that I am really excited to hear. 

Feeling Thankful: For sleep. Now that I am working two jobs and going to school I don't have a whole lot of free time. Not just that but I am really tired. I am really cherishing my down time and have started to work in little naps here and there. I just can't get anything done when I am exhausted. Sleep is a wonderful thing!

Thinking About: The future. And just life in general. I have plans for my future and what I want to do, but ultimately I know that God is in control. Who knows if I will be living in Nashville next year? Who knows what kind of career I will have? Right now I am trying to just takes things one at a time and giving it all to Him. 

Eating: As I mentioned in my latest "10 Things I LOVE" post I am currently addicted to Luna Bars in the chocolate dipped coconut flavor. I am still cutting out a lot of sugar but these things only have 11 grams and are so dang delicious. They are also pretty good for you. I would have to say that they are my guilty pleasure at the moment :) 

Watching: The Saccone-Jolys. I was recently introduced to this vlog and I am loving it. This little Irish family is adorable and their daughter is the cutest! Each episode is about 20 minutes long so it's like a little show in and of itself. I watch the new episodes each night in bed and have really been enjoying them. I bet you will too!

Bummed Out On: The fact that I haven't seen one of my best friends in weeks. Going back to school and working has been rough on both of our schedules. We have made a point to chat on the phone at least once a week but some much-needed girl bonding time is in order!

Loving: My new Essie nail polish in "Sand Tropez." My mom was the one who really talked me into buying it and I am glad that she did. It's neutral and I think it looks so pretty for this time of year! 

Wishing everyone a very happy Thursday! 

Peace and Love, 


  1. I just discovered Luna bars, and they pretty much make my life much better ;) And the lemon ones?!?! Come on. I love this post, it's such a great little peek into the now :)

    1. The lemon flavor is another one of my favorites! Thanks for liking the post!

  2. Sleep is always a thing to be thankful for.


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