Decisions, Decisions...

This girl is ready for a change! In other words, I'm ready to cut my hair. I haven't had it cut since early last year since I am trying to grow the length out but it needs a little sprucing up. I think I have decided that I want bangs. I've had bangs before and liked them but this time I want them a little more styled. I still haven't fully decided on what type of look I want but here are a few photos that show what I'm leaning towards. So far I think I like the Taylor Swift look the best. What do you think?! Any thoughts or suggestions?

Peace and Love, 


  1. Definitely love Taylor Swifts bangs the most. They look easier to maintain and if you get sick of them they will grow out quickly ;)
    xo TJ


  2. Ooh...the Taylor Swift look would be gorgeous on you! And so much fun to play with. I can't wait to see what you do!!

  3. Cut it off! What's the worst that can happen? it grows :)

  4. Taylor Swift really does have killer bangs. I'm a big fan of Rachel Yamagata's, too. Actually, if you look at my Pinterest, you'll see a lot of bang lust (haha) going on in my hair board.

  5. I don't like Taylor but she sure has a nice
    cut c: Xx

  6. Out of those 4 pics, Taylor's the best. No doubt about that! So go ahead - it's gonna be gorgeous! I used to have bangs before as well, probably the high time to get back to it as my mom keeps on saying that it fits me the best, lol.


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