Summer Solstice Playlist...

Seeing as summer officially starts tomorrow, I thought it was appropriate to share a playlist of a few songs that are getting me in the mood for days at the beach and chillin' by the pool. I hope you enjoy! 

What songs have you been listening to that get you in the summer lovin' mood? 

Peace and Love, 


  1. Yay for summer and yay for summertime music! PS- I love the song Golden Girl <333

  2. Somehow I've stumbled across How to Disappear completely by Radiohead, it's such a sad song but it's also hauntingly beautiful :)

  3. oh heck yeah! summa tunes! this is a great mix. i want to roll my windows and go cruising in my car with this mix on full blast. i like the tame impala song; first time listening to it, and it's pretty great. thanks for the new selections to listen to!

  4. yessss! i know what i'll be listening to all day today. :)


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