Behind These Walls...

While on my trip to Nashville, my Uncle took us to one of his favorite streets in downtown Murfreesboro. I have always loved visiting the town square there, with it's quaint cafe's, record shop, and vintage clothing stores and the neighborhood streets surrounding it are just adorable. 

I am a big sucker for old houses with hardwood floors, hidden rooms, and lots of charm and detail. While walking around the neighborhood I could only imagine the kind of architectural charm that could be found inside these houses (I even peeked through a few windows). 

Are you a fan of old houses? I think they're just dreamy! 

Peace and Love, 


  1. I didn't know I was a fan of old houses but when I was in Chicago a few years ago, we did a food tour where the tour guide detoured to show us some old houses. It was awesome! The stories behind some of the homes are just amazing!

  2. old houses have so much history and character and stories to tell, how can you not love them??

  3. I could see why your Uncle would want to show you this street. Such gorgeous houses!
    xo TJ


  4. i love peeking in houses! it's the best when it's nighttime and the inside lights are on. i love to see how people have their living spaces decorated. does that sound creepy?....i promise i'm not a stalker. what a fun neighborhood to walk around in and explore! soon you will be living this sweet sweet dream!

  5. I loooove old homes!! I want a cute old white house one day :)


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