Sea and Sand...

Last week I went with my sister and a dear friend to Rehoboth, DE for our first official beach trip of the summer! Let me tell you, it was the absolute perfect day. We arrived just in time for lunch which we grabbed and ate on the beach. Then we spent hours enjoying the perfect weather and sunbathing. We took walks on the beach, searched for shells, enjoyed fruity drinks and boardwalk fries, and chatted for hours. After our time on the beach we went to our traditional pizza place and then followed up with some amazing custard for dessert. We are all currently nursing sunburns but we already have our next beach trip scheduled and I can't wait to go back! Days like this are what summer is all about- the sun, the sand, and spending time with your best friends. 

Peace and Love, 


  1. Sounds like the perfect summer day! Love ~ D

  2. oh this sounds like perfection!! i think i need a beach trip asap!!

  3. such wonderful photos! i really love the first one. it has this wonderful rosy pink tint. this looks like such a great day spent with your girls. how can you go wrong when good food and good chats are involved? not to mention the sunshine! we hit the beach last saturday, and it was a perfect day. the weather was sunny and warm but no humidity which is unheard of at this point in the summer. probably what me and the rest of your readers are all really wondering-how many rainbow jimmies are on that cone?!

  4. Sounds like a perfect beach trip to me :)


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