10 Things I LOVE...

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1. Beautiful Mykonos.  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites.  3. Best friends on the road.  4. Giant book wall.  5. Pretty jewelry dishes.  6. Esther 4:14.  7. Pink and glittery.  8. White peach and green tea bellini. YUM!  9. Color blocked door.  10. Summer love.   

Peace and Love, 


  1. those little ring dishes are adorable! must. have. them. i saw a super cute one at tjmaxx the other day for $5, and now i am regretting not getting one. maybe i will drag my roommate there with me today. that book wall is pretty excellent, too. my tiny little bookshelf will have to suffice for now, but i am dreaming of the day when i have more room for all of my paper friends. great collection, miss!

  2. Cookies and books and the beach; I always love these posts! The photos that you choose are just the best :)

  3. I always love seeing others' inspiration. Every person is different and draws that li ttle spark of inspiration from different places, so thank you so much for sharing yours. I especially love that quote. It's so true. Let's live NOW. XOXO


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