Take Me Back...

Last Thursday my friend Haylee and I took what will probably be our last beach trip of the summer :(  We drove up to Rehoboth and spent the day laying out on the beach. We spent time wandering into some of the local shops, buying souvenir t-shirts, and sipping on fresh dairy-free smoothies. These day trips to the beach are one of the things I will miss most about summer. So for right now I am going to relish in the thought of my feet in the sand and sea-salt air in my hair....

Peace and Love,


  1. hi! I love your pick phote, say KAWAII by Japanes word. Tokyo is Summer very much too.

  2. Oh man! So summery. I'm jealous you live close to a beach!! I need some of this in my life. ;)

  3. sea salt hair is the greatest kind of hair! i can never achieve it even with the best hair products. so glad you got one last beach trip in. i have only been once so far this year but a trip in september is in the works. beach babes foreva!


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