Today was the Orioles last game of the season. I went with Heather and my dad and we had an awesome time! We ate some amazing pretzels and drank the best lemonade ever! Although the O's lost later on in the game it was still a great game.

Why do I love baseball so much? And why the Orioles? I began to follow the Orioles because Baltimore is my home team. The first couple of years I watched them they sucked. So why watch? Well, despite having a major crush on second baseman Brian Roberts, I fell in love with the game. I wanted to learn all the rules and the words for everything. I adored that baseball was America's favorite pastime and it soon became mine. It didn't matter to me that the Orioles lost more than they won. They were my team and it was all about loyalty. This season we got a new manager and with that we became a new team with a winning record. But I was there for them during the good times, the bad times, and the even worse times. You know that line in Fever Pitch where they talk about you being there for the team but the team not being there for you...it's so not true. The guys on this team really care about there fans. They want to win for them. You can see it when they play.
I got teary eyed at the game today. It was the end of a season. I am not going to see my boys for months. I won't be able to come home with a load of work and feel the comfort of knowing that the O's are playing that night. I won't be able to walk down Eutaw Street and smell the hot dogs cooking, hear the crack of the bat, and listen to Gary Thorn's commentary. I will miss these boys (especially Luke Scott and Brian Roberts) but I will see them again. There will be a little hole in my heart during the off season but I will fill it by reading Baseball books and dreaming of next season. Let's go O's!

Peace and Love,

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