Weekend Update...

This weekend I spent Saturday with friends. Heather and I met for lunch where we had amazing Caesar salads!!
Then we went to do some shopping. I found this glam sequin dress but I wasn't willing to pay the $100 for it. Was that a mistake?
Heather found a lot of things she liked. We probably spent 20 minutes trying to decide what sweater she should get.
Then we headed to Goodwill. I was hoping to find as many treasures as I did last time but I came away empty handed. I did find out that our Goodwill has a pretty decent supply of used books and a lot of them are in good condition.

Heather and I jammed to Sweet Thing the whole car ride home. I have a video to prove it (which I will post later.)

Then we headed to a friend's birthday party in downtown Annapolis. It was really fun. After the party I helped Suzanne take our friend Betty home. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing seeing as we got lost in Bowie for about 10 minutes. Suzanne and I ended the night with soft serve Ice Creams from Micky D's. It was a pretty wonderful ending to an incredibly busy and fun day.

Peace and Love,

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