Not Ready In The Least...

Ignore the tired eyes and lack of make up. I am in no mood to go back to the daily grind tomorrow. This week is gonna be so crazy. Our Variety show is this weekend and so we have rehearsals non-stop. I really cannot wait until graduation when I don't have to worry about all of this stuff. Anyway, here's a little summary of my weekend:

-Listened to Beatles records for two days straight
-Enjoyed delicious pancakes with whipped cream at Cracker Barrel
-Found a lovely J. Crew Dress for graduation, thanks to miss Sarah Conlon
-Had a great Saturday night with friends on the eastern shore
-Watch old episodes of Saturday Night Live on Netflix
-Caught up on some much needed reading

The weekends go by way too fast, it makes me sick . Hope every one has a great Monday!

Peace and Love,

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