Hippie Hair...

I have always wanted wavy, tousled, long hair. But my sister got the wavy hair and mine was as straight as could be. Then when I would start to grow my hair long I would get the urge to chop it all off and so I would cut it short. So now that my hair is getting pretty long and thanks to a perm I now have a little wave my hair is starting to look like I have always wanted it to. Here are some pictures of my hair inspiration: What I have been doing to get my hippie look is: I part my hair down the middle. Then I blow dry it and just run my fingers through it (don't use a brush). Then I use big rollers to curl the bangs and the top of my head (for volume) and then use different sized rollers for the sides of my hair. I keep it in for about twenty minutes. Run my fingers through, maybe add a little hairspray, and I'm done! So easy and I love it! Peace and Love,


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