The Hippie's Guide to Fall Style 2011...

Fall 2011

1.Big Wrap Sweaters.
2. Hat's with feathers in them.
3. Mustard Knit Scarves.
4. Accessorize with Leopard.
5. Frye Boots are a must.
6. Faux Fur Vests.
7. Maxi Skirts (blush is a great color for Fall).
8. Chesnut Leather Bomber.
9. You must have something that is Navajo print for Fall! I am loving this mini from ASOS.
10. Gold Jewelry. Rings are easy to layer and look really pretty.
11. Long Maxi Sweaters with fringe.
12. Warm pink lipstick.

Peace and Love,

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  1. Love everything.....very fall-like!


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