10 Things I LOVE...

1. Emma's handmade magnetic paper dolls. So cool!
2. Cute tank from "Spotted Moth." Would love this for summer.
3. Christian Bale in all black at the Oscar's. The picture speaks for itself. *SWOON*
4. This DIY shag pillow. So cute and looks like fun to make.
5. "The Picture of Dorian Gray." This is my current read and I can't put it down.
6. Jersey or "t-shirt" sheets. They look so comfy and I want them so badly!
7. Elsie's guide to taking every-day pictures. I love this example shot!
8. The cutest shopper's tote from Forever 21.
9. This twiggy inspired shot of Amanda is dazzling!
10. And Amanda scored big at Target. Her pile of goodies has me happy and jealous at the same time.
Peace and Love,

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