I hope that everyone is having a lovely Thursday! Instead of going on about all the stress and business of life I thought that I would share some parts of my day that made me smile.

*I woke up to a large iced coffee and a box full of Boston Cream Donuts.
*Somehow my scramble for an outfit today turned into a success.
*My time in the car was spent with The Civil Wars, Bon Jovi, and Adele.
*My snack today was some delicious strawberries.
*I fell in love with and got even more camera apps for my iPod. I'm so smitten.
*Sipping on a cold glass of Black Raspberry Water.
*I have a Sonic date in the works.
*Tonight's American Idol and a new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

What was good about your day?

Peace and Love,

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