10 Things I LOVE: Road Trip Essentials...

1. Starbucks' Mocha Frappuccino's. The perfect fuel for the road! 2. A pair of Tom's...or two! 
3. Always bring Essie nail polishes for those little events or emergencies. 4. A sparkly backpack to tote everything around in, including my giant camera. 5. The perfect snack while driving: Fig Newtons. I am particularly fond of the triple berry flavor. 6. Maxi dresses. The ultimate style must have for traveling. I bought a tie dye one just like this for our trip! 7. My Clinique acne and face wash. Can't leave home without it. 8. A journal to jot down places, memories, and doodles. 9. My iPod touch with it's Kate Spade case. Necessary not just for music but also for tweeting and taking pictures all throughout the trip. 10. My aviator shades.  

Peace and Love, 

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