Tennessee In Instagrams...


1. Beautiful Mountains everywhere! 
2. Me and Sarah on the ride home from a successful shopping trip.  3. Flowers and mason jars in Franklin. 
4. All of us cousins (plus Sarah). Connor is such a ladies man.  5. Fruit tea Southern style. 
6. The road to Franklin.  7. Lulu's. 
8. A night spent playing Wii.  9. Arrington Vineyards. 
10. The most amazing frozen yogurt at Sweet CeCe's.  11. Chillin' with Max. 
12. The Hatch print shop.  13. Waterfalls in the Opry Hotel.  
14. Late night fudge sundae.  15. Sonic, a gift from God. 
16. The old Franklin theater.  17. Beautiful handmade quilts in Franklin. 
18. Cheerwine.  19. Beautiful chandeliers in the Opry hotel. 
20. Rows of candy in the country store in Knoxville.  21. A long game of Quelf.  
22. The very long drive.  23. Delicious muffins for breakfast. 
24. Vinyl in Nashville.  25. The streets of Nashville, with which I fell in love.  

Peace and Love, 


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