A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day...

Yet another year where I will be spending Valentine's alone. Although I have never had a real proper Valentine I still adore the holiday and celebrate it the best I can :) Here are a few ways for a single girl to celebrate her Valentine's Day... 

1. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: You can't let Valentine's pass without getting yourself something sweet. I am partial to Godiva truffles but a red velvet cupcake is always a good choice! 

2. Watch a Romantic Movie: Last year I spent my Valentine's day watching Ryan Gosling movies. You can never have too much eye candy on Valentine's day. Some of my favorite romantic movies are Across the Universe and 500 Days of Summer.  

3. Treat Yourself: Every girl needs to get herself something nice on Valentine's day! Some ideas are Rifle journals, bubble bath by Lollia, or butter nail polish in Rosie Lee.  

4. Music: What's Valentine's without some love songs?! The Beatles record of love songs is a given on any Valentine's day. I'm also mixing in some Lumineers this V-day. 

Happy Valentine's to you & yours. 

Peace and Love, 

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