Things were essentially dead here on the blog last week- let's just say that my Spring break didn't exactly go as planned. We started off the week with a snow day on Monday and after fighting a sore throat for a few days I broke out into a full on virus. As if spending Spring break sick wasn't bad enough my mom and I were supposed to go down to Nashville to start looking at apartments and spend time with our family down there. Unfortunately we had to cancel our trip. I was so sick and couldn't imagine spending 12 hours in a car. All that to say that I was pretty out of it and spent most of my break in bed watching "True Detective" and sleeping. I was beyond heartbroken that we had to cancel our trip but it just makes me more excited for my trip down this summer and I know that it was the best decision given the situation. But now I am rejuvenated and have a bunch of ideas for this little blog of mine! Here's to brighter (& healthier) days ahead!!

Peace and Love,


  1. Glad you're feeling better! Sometimes, we need to slow down and take time for ourselves...and if we don't ... our bodies will force us to!

  2. feel better soon! whenever i'm feeling under the weather and i try to do "real life" before i'm feeling 100% better, i always set myself back. take it easy until you're feeling back to normal. lots of naps, hot tea (if you're into that), reading and netflix marathons. finally posted about my sunshine award today on the blog. take a peek if you're bored! :-)

  3. ugh. that is terrible!! so sorry, emma! glad to hear you are feeling better though!


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