Spring Fever...

With Spring break coming right around the corner I am definitely craving some warmer weather. We had another blast of snow this past weekend that left of us with two snow days this week. Don't get me wrong, you know I love me some snow, but I have just about had it with these frigid temperatures. I am tired of being bundled up in layers and honestly this weather is making me lazy. But enough of my complaining. Instead will dream of sunny Spring days & reading outside all while wearing my favorite Gerber Daisy perfume. 

What's your favorite thing about Spring?! 

Peace and Love, 


  1. today we had a cold, windy, wet day. triple threat. and not in the good way. tomorrow it's supposed to be 63. what the what? north carolina weather be cray. i am itching for warmer temps, too! i will have to look into this perfume. i am intrigued...

  2. I agree, I'm so over winter. I don't really mind winter so much, it's just all the bundling. My favorite thing about spring? Just being about to slip on shoes and go outside, no boots, scarves, mittens, hat, coat, etc. Spring is freedom. Sweet smelling freedom.

  3. I had enough of winter :/
    Spring! The season of colors and flowers and joy, but I'm afraid of bees...

  4. i am so ready for spring, too! it's so weird, because i had a dream that we got another random snow storm. I woke up happy to see the sun out!


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